More Growth for the Fat Cats!!

That’s what the Tories do!

They cut public services.

They cut money to the needy.

They bring in austerity.

They give huge amounts of our money to profiteers and wealthy bankers!!

Two Arrogant Amateurs – Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwateng

A pair of arrogant Tories who thought that they could get away with anything,

A headless chicken.

A public schoolboy.

Borrow billions to give to the rich!!

They drove all the Bankers and CEOs abroad with a stupid Brexit. Now they’re trying to bribe them back!!


The damage that this Tory Brexit has caused!! The paupers of Europe!

We shot ourselves in the head!

Poetry – Selling the Future

Selling the Future

Roll up! Roll up!
We’re giving it away!
Get a bargain! Make a killing!
We’re giving it away!

Don’t miss out on this bargain!
It won’t come round again.
Your chance to make a fortune
You only need half a brain!

Buy yourself a trophy!
Shoot a chimp for fun!
From the safety of your truck
Exercise that gun!

Clear a big plantation!
Get rid of all those trees!
Lots of money to be made
From such a clever wheeze!

Open cast a mine or two
Dump your spoil at sea.
Who cares about a fish or two?
Plenty dosh for me!

Roll up! Roll up!
We’re selling your tomorrow!
When it’s all gone
We’re not certain what will follow.

But who cares anyway?
Who cares about the world?
If every last creature’s dead
And every last tree’s felled?

Roll up! Roll up!
We’re giving it away!
Get a bargain! Make a killing!
We’re giving it away!

Opher – 6.5.2019

The mad consumer cry for endless expansion in order to make some fools wealthy beyond imagination. The mad spiraling population growth. The mad clearance of jungle, draining of wetlands. The mad spraying of fields. The mad production of CO2. It’s all totally mad!!!!

Poetry – Is it Dawn?

Is it Dawn?

Is it the dawn or the dusk

That I am seeing?

A birth or a death?

Are we digging graves

Or foundations?

Do we have a day

In which to live?

Or a night in which

To sleep forever?

Opher – 1.5.2019

Looking at mankind, such a recent species, I am undecided about our future. Are we still in the early stages of a long and illustrious time upon this planet? Or are we already in our death throes?

When I look at the mistakes we are making, the damage we are causing, the way we are blunderingly creating the very seeds of our own demise it is hard to image that we have much of a future. We are busy building weapons that could wipe us all out – nuclear, biological and chemical. We are wantonly destroying the very ecosystems we depend on. We are stupidly increasing in numbers beyond any sane sustainable level. We are polluting the environment we depend on with chemicals, radioactive isotopes and all manner of gunge. We are squandering irreplaceable resources. We are misusing antibiotics and not developing antivirals so that we will be vulnerable to a fatal mutation in a virus or bacterium. We are not protecting ourselves against a cataclysmic asteroid.

It is as if we have a death wish.

Yet we have the intelligence to solve the greatest problems and if we were to survive this adolescent period of mindlessness it is possible that we could go on to achieve great things.

The dice has been thrown.