Roy Harper – Edinburgh Usher Hall – more photos of soundcheck

Roy Harper

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Bill and Roy set about getting the sound levels right, sorting the monitors and adjusting the warmth and tone.


Fiona was putting out the musical arrangements for the orchestra.


Roy listened intently and made the adjustments.     


Roy Harper – Edinburgh Usher Hall – Photos of soundcheck

Roy Harper

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These are a few photos from the sound check.  I’ll put up some more as I find time to sort them. Hope you like them.

Roy had a migraine earlier but managed to shrug it off though it left him a bit drained – I don’t think it showed.


There is a lot of work getting the sound levels and tone right, coordinating the musicians and arrangements, and getting the lighting right. Sound checks are fraught with focussed attention and intensity. Everything is organised to the last detail. A lot goes on. Quite a bit different to the days when Roy would hitch-hike into a small club, take his guitar out of the case and step up to the microphone.


Bill, Roy and Darren

  Darren talking to Fiona Brice


Roy Harper books available soon. Photos required!

You wait for fifty-five years for one and then two come along at the same time!

I’ve finally completed my two books on Roy Harper.

A songwriter and performer of his stature should have a number of books about him. He deserves to be lauded and cherished for the brilliant work he has consistently produced in the course of a fifty-five-year career.

It’s a travesty that I aim to put right.

The first of my books are already up on Amazon for preorder. It is due to be released on June 22nd.

The things I need to complete the two books are photos – particularly of his early years. If anybody has any copyright-free photos they would like to donate to a worthy cause then please send them through.

My email is will obviously give credit in the books to the photographers concerned.

Thanks for your help!