What an absolute cock-up!!

Brexit is just one example of Tory dogma and incompetence, lies and stupidity.

Have you all noticed the way that the Tories respond when challenged on anything? Whether it’s the NHS falling apart, education in dire straights, the police force not functioning or any of the public services that they have cut to the bone for twelve years. They proceed to tell us how many billions extra they’ve put into it, how many extra personnel, how many more buildings. So it’s never their fault after twelve years of mismanagement and savage cuts. It must be the fault of the people in the services!

The ruin of the public services, with their massive recruitment problems, poor service and demoralised staff, is the direct result of twelve years of pay cuts, cuts to services and poor government management. The Tories believe that all public services are a waste of good money, money that should be given to wealthy businessmen.

Letter to my MP – please copy and send to yours! Then sign the petition.

I am writing to inform you that I have signed the petition to call for a thorough investigation into the effects of Brexit.


We were promised sunny uplands, ready-made trade deals and Brexit dividends. We have received a crashed economy, a depressed GDP, a shortage of labour, negative growth and mountains of red tape and delays. 

My right to travel, study and work abroad has been curtailed.

Britain has become poorer and we now have higher taxes and more austerity.

We cannot afford quality public services.

What a mess!!

I urge you to get us back into the single market and customs union as soon as possible. Every day that goes by makes Britain less. Firms are crashing or moving abroad.

You need to act now!

Thank you