A Tree

A Tree

A poem for the eye to wonder at;

A sculpture for the hand to touch;

A painting against a barren landscape;

A song upon the breeze.

A home for a multitude;

A refuge from the storm;

A meal for a hungry family;

A shelter from the sun.

A living organism;

A breathing plant;

An aware being;

Part of a community.

A giant who lives;

A treasure that gives;

A triumph of evolution;

So easily destroyed.

A tree is not merely wood.

A wood is not merely trees.

Opher – 6.6.2021

I make no apology for loving trees. I don’t hug them – at least not often – but I do adore them.

I can appreciate them on so many levels.

They are nature’s works of art – so delicate, so beautiful.

They have given us food and shelter.

They have given us our atmosphere.

A tree is not merely wood. It is so much more!

A Work Of Art

A Work Of Art

Billions of years

A web,

A work of art.

Greater than

Any Picasso

A diamond

In the dark.

With eyes and ears

To see and hear

The wisdom

Of the epochs


In seas of green

Great herds

And flocks.

Brightness of flowers

Nectar and scent.

Fur, scale and feather,


Awe and wonder


That beauty meant.

Opher – 23.1.2021

What could possibly be more beautiful than the world we live on.

Nature is the greatest artist.

Life is the most wondrous piece of art.

Living sculptures that can see their own beauty.

Nothing can come near.

I wish we would appreciate it more, value it more and look after it better.