Two Novels straight out of the 60s Underground culture.

I have just rewritten these two novels. They are both based in the sixties and reflect the life and attitude that pervaded the time. I guess I’m still living it! Fancy some nostalgia? Want to learn more about the reality of living in the sixties?

301 Bedsit Land

It is the sixties, bedsit land, 301 Green Lanes, and the story of a moment in time, a building and a colourful assortment of characters, some good, some bad.
It is also Danny’s story: how he stumbled upon a place to live and a series of unlikely friendships that saved his life.
This is the story of a house that became a home.
It is the story of an assortment of desperate people who were all lost and some became found.
It is a real story of how people who are worthless and have no respect for themselves yet came together to form a community.
It is a story that tells us that there is a reason for everything; that chance works in strange ways and that often salvation appears out of the strangest circumstance.
This is the story of Danny Charles.
It’s also a love story.

301 Bedsit Land: Goodwin, Opher: 9798853928572: Books


This is the ultimate sixties book – a novel from the British Underground with all its sex, drugs, dreams and music; those times of crazy people high on life and mad for experience – from a time when anything was possible.
Capturing that idealistic naïve impossibility permeated with vitality and careering love and dreams, the wild rush for adventure without a thought for the future because the dream was going to last forever.
– Seemingly, as Love said: Forever Changes!
It spans continents as it trips its way through time, space and minds in a mad rush to discover life and experience everything or die trying.

Goofin’: Goodwin, Opher: 9798854960403: Books

Goofin’ In 301 Bedsit Land

I wrote these two books, two novels, revolving around my life back in the fabled sixties. Those days remain vivid to me. The huge rambling house of many bedsits that we lived in and the trips we made around Europe and the USA with many good friends.

301 Bedsit Land is a novel based around 301 Green Lanes, Manor House, and the many great friends and colourful characters that lived there.

Goofin’, with its nod to Jack Kerouac, was a novel based around life back in the sixties and the road trips that we went on, the incidents and gigs.

I wrote these two books many years ago and was never quite happy with them So I went back to see if I could improve them. I think I did!!

Together they paint a picture of life as it was in the alternative sphere of the sixties undergrount. We thought we were changing the world. I think we did. But not enough.

301 Bedsit Land: Goodwin, Opher: 9798853928572: Books

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