What happens to the Tory Party after Braverman?

There is the same old civil war going on inside the Tory Party. It’s between the extreme right wing nutcase, fascist ERG with all their black and white thinking, racism and in-built superiority, and the more nuanced one-nation Tories.

The coalition is one of pragmatism. Neither side has a large enough following to get elected on their own. They both are minority parties. Their lust for power trumps everything so they come together under one banner. That doesn’t stop them from attacking each other in violent rows.

The nutty ERG, with its wet dream of Brexit and a totalitarian state, have brought down Prime Minister after Prime Minister – Thatcher, Major, Cameron and May. Then the walking narcissistic haystack came along and cynically aligned with them in order to gain power. Given free-rein they started ousting every moderate they could – Clarke, Stewart, Hammond and the other one-nation Tories were unceremoniously dumped.

Once in charge they started bringing in their dream – a hard Brexit to break away from those inferior foreigners and laws to clamp down on the plebs, to control the media, shackle unions and clamp down on protest.

In the black and white mind of the fascist ERG everything would be simple. The workers would be beaten into low pay hell, Public services for the plebs reduced to a pittance, The media would be used as a propaganda machine (BBC threatened and silenced) scroungers starved to death, foreigners kicked out and put in their place, profits for those who deserved it would go up and they’d invest in glorious Britain.

Of course, that’s when it all started going wrong.

Brexit was a disaster. The unions refused to roll over. There was uproar over low pay and dismantling of public services. Even the propaganda machine could not cope. Despite the massive profits being made by their neophytes the economy was in crisis.

The incompetent blustering haystack was booted out to his millionaire heaven and replaced with the fabulous ERG darling Liz Truss. Like most of the ERG, being a blinkered imbecile, the arrogant Truss promptly sunk the economy in days and had to be rapidly removed. Reeling, with the country on its knees, interest rates soaring and disaster looming, they looked around for a saviour. They found it in their token wet. Little Rishi the wet had to be brought in to stabilise the situation.

The ERG nutters were not happy. He was far too wet for their liking. But they had Braverman the brave.

She wasn’t stupid. She was just cynical. Realising that the nature of the Tory Party was now swayed much to the right (following the purge of the moderates) she aligned herself to the extreme right. There she tried to outdo Priti Patel in who could be the most callous. She focussed her mind on wooing fascists.

The Tory grassroots of the party are as fascist and racist as the ERG. They are much more extreme than the Tory electorate. In order to get elected as leader you have to appeal to a majority of MPs and the membership. That’s the right.

Focus on foreigners. Ramp up fear and hatred. The dirty immigrants trying to come here for benefits and a free ride are a great target. Red meat to the ERG and Tory grassroots.

Instead of processing them, which would be cheaper, you can ship the bastards off to Rwanda. Treat them like dirty criminals. If that’s not a deterrent at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing their lives will be miserable.

I’m surprised that she, Patel and Badenoch, didn’t propose hanging immigrants from gibbets around the coast of Britain as a warning – like farmers do with crows. It’s been done before with pirates!

Unfortunately, for Braverman, probably all part of her plan, the bloody courts didn’t think Rwanda (or gibbets) were humane.

Braverman’s far-right plan was to ditch all human rights (you can trust us). Who needs human rights? they just get in the way! After all, there’s money to be made!!

Sucking up to the ERG, flinging them red meat, put her on a collision course with the moderates and wet Rishi. He had no choice but to martyr her.

Now we have Braverman, the callous, on the outside plotting and biding her time. Her aim is to wait for the Rishi government to collapse in ignominy, either at the polls or through mass extreme right-wing Tory MP rebellion, step in and take over.

Her wet dream is that same old ERG nightmare of the totalitarian state in which everything is wonderful: no unions, plebs firmly under control, no opposition, media pouring out propaganda and those who deserve raking in billions. I mean, if Putin, Xi and Trump can do it, why not us?

6 thoughts on “What happens to the Tory Party after Braverman?

      1. Not sure. People are angrier these days. I remember they used to preach racial tolerance, which must be a politically incorrect expression today. People don’t have to love one another. Tolerate is good enough. But no they foster this hatred.

      2. Is it Trump? Is it mass immigration? Is it Muslim extremism? Is it inequality? Is it due to the white majority feeling under threat? What has sparked this hardening into hate and intolerance?

      3. Like I said, not sure. Fear and distrust of immigrants and dark stuff people is a lot of it. The strongman stuff plays into it. It’s amazing that it’s a worldwide trend.

      4. Yes, that is weird. This global influence seems to be building. What with Argentina and the Netherlands. Hopefully it will be reversed soon! At least they ditched Bolsonaro, Trump and Johnson. But will Trump get back in?

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