Attacked from all sides!! The Wet Rishi Saga!!

The electorate have largely woken up to how disastrous this Tory reign has been with all its gross inequality, decade of austerity, incompetence, greed, corruption and contempt for working people. Brexit is a failure. Public services have been starved to death. Workers wages have been castrated. The cost of living is horrendous. Only Tory donors and Russian oligarchs are walking off with millions.

The ERG, and the raving rabid right-wingers, think this disaster of electoral annihilation can be averted by the giving of sops to the electorate and doing a few public burnings of foreigners. They think the electorate are stupid and gullible and their propaganda machine will see them through. All that’s required is to dump wet Rishi and bring in the ice-queen Cruella.

Wet Rishi is caught in the middle with no way out, no imagination, no answers.

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