The big con trick

The big con trick

Tories make their millions

                We feed on dirt.

They dodge their taxes.

                We take the hurt.

One rule for them.

                Another rule for us.

Three hundred and fifty million lies

                On the side of a bus.

Lady Mone and Cameron,

                Johnson and Rees-Mogg

Plenty hay in their lofts

                From behaving like a hog.

It’s alright for them.

                Pretty crap for us.

They’ve never had it so good.

                We’re tossed under that bus.

So turn out the lights.

                Turn off the heat.

Get up off the sofa

                Out on to the street.

Opher – 15.11.2023

The us and them culture. Greed and callousness. They’ve been working for themselves and walking away with millions. We can’t even put the central heating on.

To them, making millions out of our poverty is moral. They think they deserve it. We are scum to be exploited. They are superior.

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