Braverman and the Far-Right!!

The unsavoury face of uncaring Britain is tossed in the dustbin where she belongs.

Cruella the nasty. A woman whose family came to Britain as immigrants wants to be nastier to immigrants than the rest of her party. She has designs on leadership and is setting her sights on leading the far-right wing – the rabid ERG nutcases.

Haven’t they done enough harm?

They’ve brought down Prime Minister after Prime Minister. They forced us into a disastrous Brexit. They’ve waged war against the public services. They’ve ruined our standing in the world. They’ve infested the British psyche with their xenophobia and racism. Their extreme nationalism is as repulsive as Hitler, Putin and Xi. They’ve created an uncaring divided Britain. They hold the Tory Party to ransom.

Cruella sums up all that is wrong with the Tory Party and the mean-minded, racist electorate who support her and her callousness.

Fortunately, they are a minority.

But that minority wags the dog.

The trouble is that the Tories are a coalition of views. At one end of the spectrum are the one-nation moderates, at the other the foaming fascists. They are held together in a loose coalition through their greed and lust for power.

The fascists are real lunatics. They really do believe that money is all that’s important and that the bulk of the electorate are worthless scum who exist to be exploited. Their arrogance is in line with Trump and the MAGA nutcases. To them any money wasted on the likes of public services, benefits or workers’ pay is wasted money. On the wealthy deserve that cash.

These are the extremists that Cruella is sucking up to – what used to be known as ‘the hang ’em and flog ’em brigade’. They believe that what the working classes need is subsistence pay (to maximise profits) and a good dose of violence to keep them in line. They believe the one-nation Tories are much too soft and that Labour are a bunch of commies. Who needs fairness? Society is a jungle with the survival of the fittest. They are the fittest. So people like Rees-Mogg feel free to make a fortune out of disasters like Covid or Brexit without it troubling his conscience. He deserves it. That’s life. He’s better than the rest of us. We deserve to be at the bottom.

The thing is that both sides of the Tory Party might detest each other but they know they need each other. If the ERG rabid far-right were to split off they know they would be unelectable. The Tommy Robinson’s and the rest of the football hooligans and fascists are only ever (fortunately) a minority. But without that minority of nutcases the one-nation Tories can’t make it into power. They need each other.

It’s exactly the same with Trump and the GOP – except on more of an extreme case. The gun-totin’ MAGA flat-earthers, covid and global warming deniers, with their racism and scorched earth views, are required to get the Republicans into power.

We need a far bigger dustbin!!!

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