Cruella now not so Priti – The sadistic Sisters!

Well Cruella summoned up the forces of darkness, led by the fascist scumbag of football hooligans Tommy Robinson, to defend the nation by attacking the police.

She was defending the cenotaph against those who did not want war. You wouldn’t want the states war machine’s hypocritical anti-war ceremonies interrupted by real anti-war demonstrators, would you?

Cruella has only one thing in mind and that’s power!! She wants to lead the British Fascist Party! They are working hard to replace the Tory Party. She’s the face of the rabid right!!

Now she’s gone!! But she’ll be back. The racists of the far-right are baying.

8 thoughts on “Cruella now not so Priti – The sadistic Sisters!

  1. I don’t think this has anything to do with Palestine. I hear the report on Rwanda is coming out next week. That will bury her anyway.

    As a child of immigrants herself, she should have more concern for people in situations like her own parents were in.

    1. Yes Neil. Thoroughly agree! But I reckon it was a combination of factors. Rishi is a desperate man. He’s making calculated risks. How much does he upset the far right of his party? how much power do they have? How much trouble will she cause? How popular is she with Tory voters?
      Then we have the risk of bringing Cameron back in! He was bought off with a peerage!!

      1. Fear not, Opher! With Cameron, silly Rishi has done exactly the wrong thing for his cause. Even a lot of Tories consider Cameron to be “damaged goods.”

        It looks like Labour are in for a tap-in. But that has consequences, too. If the election even happens, of course.

        If I focus on the politics, I now can’t see many routes out of this situation short of civil war. So, we need to take a wider view.

      2. Yes it was a risky gamble. Labour do look to have an easy ride. But then………..
        Civil war isn’t really very British, is it?
        Plenty of provocation for an insurrection – not much appetite!

      3. Yes, exactly. Though the ULEZ “blade runners” are a foretaste. Do not forget 1642 and 1688. But those tactics will not work again. That’s why we need to take a wider view.

        Our enemies are playing “musical chairs” in the anteroom of hell. Hell, not for them, but for us.

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