Modern Warfare – Dave Burnham

Armistice: from the Latin arma (weapons) and sistere (halt/stand still). A pause in conflict while resolution is sought.

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Modern Warfare

A crude eye viewing mineral wealth

A dictator’s deficient mental health

A covetous handshake, a wink or a nod

Affiliation with a particular variety of god

Justification with roots based on a lie

Superior indoctrination a reason to die

Waging war for the wages of sin

Filling coffins and coffers to the brim

The bullied become the bullies

The desperate driven by despair

The gears and the pulleys

For the war machine’s heir

To change the colour of the maps

By soaking them in blood

Bombarded ‘til collapse

So all that’s left is mud

Death hisses and quakes

At the helpless lives at stake

Homes and heritage lost in seconds

By indiscriminate use of weapons

Retaliatory repercussion

In a cycle of destruction

Who takes which side of the line?

With such a malicious breed of swine

Leaders should be calling for it to cease

A chance for the innocent in a time of peace

An end to this evil brutality

Sliding back to caveman mentality

For nothing to’ve been learned

In this day and age

Conscience spurned

By the turning of a page

Those bridges burned

Political failure beyond gauge


Once upon a time in Damascus they lived side by side by side

Three faiths and a lesson to share worldwide

It was a rare interlude in the history of mankind

But maybe there is still hope for a future we can find

The people are billions

Governments few

In the hands of civilians

An epoch for the new

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