Truth has Died

Truth has Died

The land where truth died

                Eyes are open wide.

The time of fake and lies

                Nature cries

Age of Nazi conspiracy

                No longer look and see.

Face of adversity

                To strongly disagree

Wake of honesty

                Resist and break free.

Opher – 5.11.2023

Watching America tearing itself apart in a agony of fascism.

Trump presiding over the death throes of democracy, an evil presence lurking, scummy deals, threats and power, power, power as he scams the people.

It’s like watching Hitler and the rise of the Nazi Party.

Eyes are forced open wide to receive the acid, the bayonet or fist. Minds are shut.

Division and hate, fury and violence.

Don’t kill the unborn babies but shoot all those who want freedom.

Burn the books.

God loves us but not them.

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