Truth is forbidden

Truth is forbidden

Truth is forbidden

                Kindness banned

                                People turned to hate.

Liberate the truth

                Unlock kindness

                                Before too late.

They are the termites

                We are the aardvark

                                We cleanse the soul.

They live to break

                We live to mend

                                Once more made whole.

Opher – 5.11.2023

I was watching the way the Nazis work, the debasing of the individual, the uniforms, the synchronised salutes. The rigid authoritarian hierarchy, fear and hate.

Those at the top strutting. Those at the bottom in fear.

A relentless machine of aggression and fury consuming the spirit; a machine of purity and discrimination.

A regime of sterile conformity.

Fear-ridden, burning of books, suppression and oppression.

Where books burn people soon follow.

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