Words Kill

Words Kill

Words kill.

                Words are our sentence.

                                Words have power.

Hate is a four letter word.

Love is a four letter word.

                Words can tame a crowd

                Words can arouse a mob.

Bang the drums for division.

Bang the drums for equality.

Awaken the beasts of apocalypse.

Unleash the muses of love.

Poised on the see-saw of possibility

                Words kill.

Words are the ballast in the scales of justice.

Opher – 18.10.2023

 I was watching the way Trump uses his words to create division, to fire up hatred and flame up his supporters into a baying mob.

I watched the way he spent a week carefully inflaming his base with a series of lies, conspiracy theories and hate before unleashing them on the Capitol to carry out his will. He used them like pawns.

I watch the way he uses words to create fear, hate and violence.

The power of words in the hands of a tyrant.

Words are worse than bullets.

Words are the basis of war.

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