Under The Rubble

Under The Rubble

We all live under the rubble

We are breathing the smoke

We are hearing the blasts

We all feel the pain

We are all becoming victims

The rubble of humanity

                The smoke of gunfire

                                The blast of war

                                                The pain of loss

                                                                Victims of destruction

The rubble of civilisation

                The smoke of bombs

                                The blast of lies

                                                The pain of fear

                                                                Victims of death

The rubble of compassion

                The smoke of propaganda

                                The blast of racism

                                                The pain of wounds

                                                                Victims of imagination

Opher 10.10.2023

I wrote this yesterday ever-repeating cycle of vengeance and hate.

Decades of oppression while watching the news, hearing about the terrible atrocities, seeing the rage and watching an

, suppression and arrogance; decades of religious fanaticism breeds hatred. Hatred erupts into the cruellest terrorism. Vengeance comes in waves of hate-driven violence.

People on both sides lose sight of their humanity.

Hate and revenge, hate and revenge, hate and revenge – an ever-growing cycle.

We are all victims.

All of us.

All good things die in war. The scars never heal.

As a species I think that we are so flawed we do not deserve to live. The world would prosper without us.

In the midst of crisis we always choose destruction. It never ceases.

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