Such A Waste

Such A Waste

Such a waste

                A fortune on misery

                                Destruction unimaginable

                                                Sophisticated weaponry

                                                                Wasted resources

Such a waste

                Broken families

                                Ruined lives

                                                Mutilated bodies

                                                                Wasted people

Such a waste

                Instead of building

                                Instead of laughter

                                                Instead of improvement

                                                                Wasted hopes

All such a terrible waste.

Opher – 10.10.2023

I watch the news of flattened cities in Ukraine, flattened cities in Gaza, Chechnya, Syria, Iraq, Libya. Of militia groups strutting around. Of broken families tearing through rubble for loved ones. Of homeless refugees. Of multimillion pound weapons. Of children playing in sewage. Of forests flattened. Of burnt-out vehicles. Of massive use of resources. Of huge sums of money spent on defence. Of mutilated bodies. Of revenge and hate.

I imagine the world as if could be if all the money spent on war was spent on peace. The end of poverty, the end of destruction. A bright happy world. We are driven

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