8 thoughts on “Should there be greater Scrutiny of Politicians and punishment for Lying??

  1. Lying to or deceiving the people they are supposed to serve, by anyone in government – not just politicians – should be a dismissal offence.

    As should acting against the interests of any of the people who are expected to pay for what they are doing.

    1. Thoroughly agree Neil. Followed by a ban for life and fine, compensation and prison for worst offenders. That’d put the entire Tory Party out of office, penniless and locked up.

      1. Not just most of the Tory party, but most politicians of other parties, too. And the so-called “civil service,” all those overpaid bureaucrats that serve the interests of the state rather than the interests of the people. And pretty much all the highly-paid bureaucrats in local government, as well. We could reduce taxes enormously just by getting rid of the dead-weights. I’m coming to like this idea more and more!

        But one thing. I wouldn’t lock them up in prisons of the normal kind, but in enclaves where they have to live under the policies they wanted to force on all of us.

      2. I would concede that a number from other parties certainly fit into that profile. Reducing bureaucracy would be a great idea. That would mean simplifying laws, rationalising and reducing stupidity. We’ve not been very good at simplifying and reducing stupidity.

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