Why on Earth should Private Schools receive Charity status?????

I hear all the bleating about Labour’s plan to apply VAT to private schools and take away their charity status!! The wealthy always bleat don’t they? They want all the privilege they can get!! They are happy if we help pay for it!

Schools are not charities!!

Schools are places of education!!

Education is not a charity; it is a right of every child!!

The wealthy like to send their little cossetted children to private school so that they can receive a superior education. They know that the facilities, class sizes, support and equipment is superior. They don’t have ceilings falling in on them, leaky roofs, damp and stinking loos.

Wealthy people want to keep their precious little dumplings away from the hoi-polloi and riff-raff. They want to instil them with a sense of superiority!!

They think they are above the rest of us.

Private education is all about privilege. They want to give their children an unfair start on an unfair playing field.

Not only that, but they want us to pick up the tab!

I am not in favour of giving rich kids a headstart over everyone else!

If I had my way I’d ban all private education and force the wealthy to send their darling luvvies to state schools. By heck we’d see funding go up, buildings repaired, class sizes go down, proper pay for quality staff and magnificent facilities!!


The poor paying for the wealthy to gain more advantage is nuts!!

Every child is important; not just the wealthy!

12 thoughts on “Why on Earth should Private Schools receive Charity status?????

  1. In America, private schools used to be for the wealthy, but not anymore. They are steadfast on quality education, not what the state requires. Financial aid is huge. I support private education because the teaching and education is the best, and all students are welcome.

    1. Cheer Jennie, In the UK private education is expensive and used by the wealthy to gain privilege. It’s elitist and unfair. It enables the wealthy rulers to underfund mainstream state education because their kids don’t have to be subjected to it. But the main points are that all education should be properly funded. There should be a level playing field. Education should not be given charity status and avoid paying VAT.

      1. That is very sad, Pete. Funding for schools should be for everyone.
        Private schools here get no funding.
        Interestingly, teachers here who teach at a private school earn far less than public school teachers. My salary is much less than someone fresh out of college. We both feel the same way!

      2. Private schools don’t have the funding of public schools, BUT, the education is richer, AND I can have freedom when it comes to teaching. That is worth more than money.

      3. Here Private education exists so that the wealthy don’t have to use state school, so they can underfund state schools. Private education is a means to buy privilege and elitist in nature.

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