Burn The World – Roy Harper – For Rishi Sunak

After the Hammersmith narrow win the Tories believe there are votes to be had by dumping green policies. They are hoping that the punters will vote for them out of greed and self-interest.

They might, as they stand knee-deep in flood water paying twice as much for their food, live to regret their vote – but who cares about the future? This one is for Rishi, his cynical greed and lust for power at all costs. He certainly doesn’t care about anything other than votes.

Roy Harper put it in a song. We humans seem to have a stupid lust for self-destruction. Unfortunately there is no version of the song on youtube. But here’s John Pollard:

Burn the World – Roy Harper cover version – YouTube

I. Burn the World
II. Change It
III. The Last Laugh
IV. My Home Is on the Water
V. Live in Peace
VI. Walkabout
VII. Desert Island
VIII. Burn the World (reprise)
Billy’s on the street
Grabbing easy meat
With furious claims
Somebody’s killed
Anger’s spilled
Vengeance’s flames
Robert’s on the beat
Looking nice and neat
For a one-sided fight
In his uniform
Looking to perform
With a flashing blue light
He doesn’t care
Anything’s fair
‘Cos he’s always right
As the flames of night
Burn equal right
In the wind
Why don’t you
Burn the world
Sharon’s in a state
Coming home late
She’s got no escape
From Billy’s brute force
To intercourse
In a frenzy of rape
Both defiled
By the crowded wild
As the time bomb of hate
Modernises demise
As Robert dies
In the same hail of lise
His masters devise
And pretend suprise
As fiery cries
Begin to rise
Why don’t you
Burn the world
Change it
Rearrange it
Derange it
In the name of burning spirit
The passanger on the planet
The guinea pig chasing sunset
To the last laugh he’ll ever get
O no I don’t believe it
The passanger guiding sunset
To the kill
To the kill
Fossilise it (my home)
To a standstill
Home is on the water
The rainbow warrior runs
Against the fashion passion(s)
Philosophies of guns
Where issues are invited
To front up savage fun
By the ignorant and spineless
Out of touch with ‘everyone’
I wish I had an acre
Instead of just a slot
Somewhere that I could take her
Where the world could mean a lot
Instead of being cyphers
In a brave new council block
With endless empty neighbours
And an ever bolted lock
And soon I’ll be taking my leave
Is it better to laugh than to grieve
When it doesn’t matter
Whether I am evermore
Or whether I am
Gonna paint my room like a desert island
With yellow sand and blue lagoon
Invite you all to come and live there
One afternoon
It’ll be when no-one’s looking
More likely that not
We’ll close the door and turn the sky up
Find a good spot
Air fire water earth you were paradise
I’m sorry about me
I was under the impression
That you were free and easy
Gonna paint my room like a desert island
With clear skies and rising swell
Leave the creeps on the jaded horizon
In Wall Streets of Hell
I must say goodbye to the blindfold
And pursue the ideal
The planet becoming the hostess
Instead of the meal
Air fire water earth you were paradise
I’m sorry about me
I was under the impression
That you were free and easy
To plunder
Rubbish on the air
Blood pressure drives
Forests fall
At the beck and call
Of the cat with nine lives
The stratosphere
Can disappear
And have no effect
On the red of mars
Or the nearest stars
Or anything else
The poems in the wind
Why burn the world

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