Education Cuts – School Repairs Slashed! Sunak was in charge!

This is what I said in 2018:

Headteachers march on Downing Street to protest Tory Education cuts!

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In an unprecedented move Headteachers from all over the country are marching on Downing Street to protest the terrible effects of continual Tory Cuts.

If I was still working I’d certainly be marching with them!

An 8% cut in the funding for each child has resulted in larger class sizes, a loss of support staff and cuts in teaching staff. The affect on schools is major.

Tory Lies try to obfuscate. They claim they are spending more on education. Yes they are but inflation means than in real terms there are big cuts! On top of that a lot of the budget is being wasted on silly Tory stupidities – like Free Schools, Grammar Schools, Religious Schools and Academies.

We’ve already had teachers pay and pensions slashed and their workload increased dramatically. They are leaving in droves.

Education is the future of our country. To shortchange our kids is appalling.

Do the Tories only care about the Public Schools and the elite? Or are they willing to give kids from poor backgrounds a fair chance?

This current protest really shows the strength of feeling. This is no union action. This is a spontaneous action from grassroots Headteachers.

They have had enough of Tory decimation of public services!

They know how bad things have got!

They think our kids are worth better!

Education is in crisis!

This is what I said in 2015:

Public Services to be decimated by Tory Cuts – £70 Billion planned cuts will destroy the NHS, Schools, Policing, Social Services, Fire Service and Council.

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This is terrifying!

The Tories are planning to decimate Public Services in what is an unprecedented attack.

The services are still reeling from the £30 Billion cuts they brought in during their first term. To do another £70 Billion on top of that is unbelievable. It will destroy our services.

Safe in their hands? I’d prefer Atilla the Hun or Ghenghis Khan.

This is nothing to do with austerity. This is Tory viciousness. They simply do not care about ordinary people, the needy, sick or the poor. This is the application of Tory dogma.

So it is Tax Cuts for the rich, more bonuses for bankers and misery for everyone else!!

The Nasty Party is exceeding its own crass standards.

See what a real ex-Headteacher thinks. This very readable book tells how it is in education. You don’t have to be a teacher to love it.

This is what I said in 2018

Mrs May – YOU ARE A BARE-FACED LIAR!! – What is decent, moderate or patriotic about destroying our Public Services?

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Some things make me mad – like Mrs May trying to sell the Tory Party as decent, moderate and patriotic. What a porky pie!!! They are the very opposite!! This is Orwellian doublespeak!!

Ever since the Tory Party got into power they have waged war on the poor. They have applied an austerity programme on the poorest in our society while giving tax cuts to the rich!! What on earth is decent about that!!

For ideological reasons they have systematically used the excuse of austerity to decimate our public services – Education, Health, Councils, Police, Social Services, Armed Forces, Youth Services, Prisons, Courts, Railways you name it!! All in crisis!! All suffering swingeing cuts!!

What is decent, moderate or patriotic about that?

Is there anything that is not in crisis??

What is patriotic about running down our Armed Forces?

What is decent about hammering the poor?

What is moderate about the most extreme policies we have ever had?

Where has the money gone?? Into the pockets of the rich through tax cuts, tax evasion and privatisation.

Of course the wealthy are immune to these cuts. They have their private education, private health care, gated communities and don’t have to use public transport.

Talk about bald faced lies!!

This monstrous Tory Government has hidden behind the fog of Brexit to create havoc in our Public Services, throw people on the streets and cause misery and despair for the most needy. It has been a war against ordinary people. They are the most extreme, indecent and unpatriotic bunch of heinous politicians we have ever had. They’ve been worse than Thatcher. If it had not been for Brexit clouding the whole issue they would have been exposed as the most foul, indecent, uncaring, callous, extreme, self-serving bunch that they are.


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