Let’s Hope he won’t be with us much longer!!

This summer has turned into the same bedraggled state that the Tories have left the country in!!

4 thoughts on “Let’s Hope he won’t be with us much longer!!

  1. Last month, the Met Office told us “Warmest June evah!” (Or something like that). This last month has felt like the coldest, wettest July I’ve experienced. And August, so far, is even worse.

    But Sunak is an idiot. Telling people he supports motorists, but failing to muscle in with Parliamentary powers to stop ULEZ expansion from happening.

    Seriously though, Opher, what would you think about ULEZ or its equivalent coming to Driffield?

    1. We’ve had it worse, Neil. Right through Spring we had a cold North Sea wind. It’s been freezing. This global warming is a right pain. It’s deflected the jet stream so we have the wrong prevailing winds and are the wrong side in a stream of cold, wet lows. I just hope the gulf stream doesn’t get deflected. Then we’d really freeze.
      Sunak is just playing desperate politics.
      Driffield isn’t big enough for that though I think the idea is great. What I’d like to see are free car parks on the outskirts and a brilliant pedestrian/public transport system. Have you tried driving in a city lately? Took me two hours to get out of London two weeks ago. Stationary for long period. Nose to tail, crawling along. I could have walked five times as fast. Then Leeds was a disaster too. Driving in cities is an horrendous experience.
      The answer is driverless ubers and an end to people driving. There’s a thought.

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