All the power in the world,

                All the flags and oaths,

                                All pomp and ceremony,

Is arrogant fluff.

All policies and schemes,

                All grand manifestos,

                                All pageant and display,

Nowt but a mirage.


                Is only as good

                                As the faith of the multitudes.

As good

                As the charisma

                                Of the leader.

And what evil


                                Within that charisma?

What value

                Is there

                                In faith?

A gnat’s pee on an inferno!

Opher – 3.6.2023

The charade of power persists, magnified by the media, with multitudes on parade and all the symbols of sovereignty.

With their lavish costumes, choreographed performances, lavish settings and armies on display, the pageant of power persists.

An over-inflated balloon that is certain to pop.

Inside all the pomp, ceremony and power, behind the accoutrements, is a flawed person.

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