How? For Johnson and Trump.

How? For Johnson and Trump.

How do you live with yourself

                Behind the spin?

How does your mind

                Process reality?

When the dirt settles

                Into the layer of scum

                                Of your creating,

How do you

                Come to terms

                                With the truth?

What you did

                In order

                                To serve yourself!

You sold the nation.

                You sold the people.

                                For power and profit.

You lied.

                You prevaricated.

                                You hid away.






                                Chose Greed.

How do you

                Come to terms

                                With the truth?

Opher -3.6.2023

People like Boris Johnson and Trump sit down and coldly work out a path that profits themselves. Nothing else matters.

The misery they leave in their wake is of no concern. All that matters is their own advancement. Doing good for others is not a consideration.

Do they have no conscience?

Profit and power before people.

But in the dead of the night, do they ever wake up in a cold sweat and see what they have done?

2 thoughts on “How? For Johnson and Trump.

  1. I wonder if they are even aware of the chaos they created? Fortunately, the world has begun to heal. But there is still the next round of elections.

    1. I think they feed off chaos. They deliberately stir it up. Without division and fear they do not have a base. The stupid thing is that the tactics work and, even though they are only in the minority they get themselves re-elected by dividing the opposition. It stinks!

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