Drifting Apart

Drifting Apart

You strive for balance

But I just choose sides.

You weigh up the news

I listen to lies.

You take in the spectrum.

I choose one view.

You think it’s in the middle.

I say: ‘what’s new?’

One side is right!

Or are they all wrong?

I go with my gut

And choose my own song.

We used to sing together

But now we’re apart.

You think with your brain.

I feel from my heart.

Our minds have diverged.

Both talk of fake news.

You speak your mind

But I have my views.

On Brexit and god;

On Thatcher and Blair;

On Johnson and Trump

And a world that’s not fair.

You speak from your side.

I shout from mine.

Both of us at sea:

Drowned in the brine.

Opher – 25.5.2023

I wrote this for a friend. We once shared the same views but with the division of Brexit we drifted apart.

I was shocked to hear some of the views expressed.

I’ve spent a life trying to build something better.

I thought we were on the same path.

Time and events, forks in the road, choices, roads not taken, all leave us adrift on different shores.

But we still share so much.

If there’s enough time we might still drift back together.

I hope so.

It would be nice to share a campfire on the same beach.

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