Poetry – Get it over quick

Get it over quick

Gorillas, whales and baby seals

Rhinos, Elephants and quail

Remnants in the undergrowth

We have blasted them to hell

Forests, land and water

Air, us and sea swell

A job that’s well worth doing

For the pleasure or the sell

Caged, tortured, maimed

Hunted, poked, impaled

Badgered to extinction

Even bugs are not doing well

Why take the time to do it slow

Why not get it over quick?

Put life out of its misery

Let’s kill the planet now

Don’t just leave it sick!

Opher 16.10.98

Sometimes I just despair at the madness. We are gaily going about our lives as if there is nothing wrong. As long as our daily existence is not affected we do not have to think about it. We are not looking into the future; at the plastic nightmare round the corner.

Yet there is a relentless catastrophe taking place like a slow-motion explosion. The world population is increasing alarmingly, the environment is being destroyed, animals are hunted, butchered and hounded to extinction, forests are being eradicated, pollution is accruing, the seas over-fished, and the climate is now changing.

Welcome to the Anthropocene Apocalypse.

Yet the greed and selfishness that are fuelling this relentless pulverisation in the name of greed, profit and progress shows no sign of abating.

There are occasions when I become so distressed that I think we should just blast the planet to hell and have done. A quick end would be better than this slow, drawn out agony.

Unless something radical is done on a global scale the wild-life of this planet is doomed. Their future is a misery. The cruelty is unimaginable.

I wrote this poem way back in 1998 in a fit of pique.

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