Should the UK Rejoin the EU?

What is becoming clearer by the minute is that Brexit has been a complete disaster for the country – drowning us in red tape, driving businesses out of business or abroad, starving us on investment and reducing our GDP by 4%.

All that guff about oven-ready deals,sunlit uplands, global Britain and the Brexit Dividend was just Tory ERG propaganda and soundbites thought-up by Cummings and Johnson. The reality is just as predicted.

Boris Johnson chose Brexit in order to become Prime Minister (and shit he was at it too – but it has made him extremely wealthy!). Cummings was just an evil little shrew with megalomaniac tendencies. The ERG are a bunch of extreme nationalistic nutcases (some of whom made a lot of money out of Brexit) and the Tory Party saw it as a vehicle to get them into power.

As was repeated said by the more intelligent commentators – Brexit is a disaster. That was labelled as project fear and lies repeatedly put on the side of busses and displayed on billboards while the Tory media spewed the lies they were being fed with.

It now seems that a majority of the population have sween through these lies. The majority want to rejoin.

Brexit is one great failure.

While the EU has many aspects that need addressing, it is the biggest market going and totally necessary if we are to be successful. The economy matters. It determines our salaries, pensions and public services. I’m fed up with these rich kids selfishly bleeding us dry.

The sooner we get back into the single market and customs union the better. We don’t have to rejoin the political side – just the economic!

RejoinStay outNeitherLead
26–27 Apr 2023OmnisisN/A1,19348%31%20%17%
18 Apr 2023Redfield & Wilton StrategiesUK in a Changing Europe2,00056%37%7%19%
12–13 Apr 2023OmnisisN/A1,20446%35%19%11%
5–6 Apr 2023OmnisisN/A1,20446%34%20%12%
28–29 Mar 2023OmnisisN/A1,34449%32%19%17%
22–23 Mar 2023OmnisisN/A1,38248%33%19%15%
15–16 Mar 2023OmnisisN/A1,12648%32%20%16%
10–13 Mar 2023DeltapollN/A1,56148%38%13%10%
8–9 Mar 2023OmnisisN/A1,32352%30%18%22%
2–6 Mar 2023DeltapollN/A1,06351%37%12%14%
1–2 Mar 2023OmnisisN/A1,28447%32%22%15%
24–27 Feb 2023DeltapollN/A1,06048%38%13%10%
22–23 Feb 2023OmnisisN/A1,24843%35%21%8%
20 Feb 2023Redfield & Wilton StrategiesUK in a Changing Europe2,00056%36%8%20%
17–20 Feb 2023DeltapollN/A1,07950%38%12%12%
15–16 Feb 2023OmnisisN/A1,20449%33%18%16%
9–10 Feb 2023OmnisisN/A1,23445%32%23%13%
2–3 Feb 2023OmnisisN/A1,25549%30%21%19%
26–27 Jan 2023OmnisisN/A1,25749%29%22%20%
19–20 Jan 2023OmnisisN/A1,21747%31%22%16%
11–12 Jan 2023OmnisisN/A1,24744%31%25%13%
5–6 Jan 2023OmnisisN/A1,28549%30%21%19%
21–22 Dec 2022OmnisisN/A1,24345%32%23%13%
15–16 Dec 2022OmnisisN/A1,21645%32%23%13%
14-15 Dec 2022YouGovThe Times1,69047%34%18%13%
8–9 Dec 2022OmnisisN/A1,29444%34%22%10%
7–8 Dec 2022Redfield & Wilton StrategiesUK in a Changing Europe2,00052%41%7%11%
1–2 Dec 2022OmnisisN/A1,17245%33%22%12%
29 Nov – 1 Dec 2022BMG ResearchThe i1,57145%41%14%4%
23–24 Nov 2022OmnisisN/A1,17249%37%14%12%
17–18 Nov 2022OmnisisN/A1,15953%34%14%19%
14–15 Nov 2022YouGovEurotrack1,68948%33%18%15%
10–11 Nov 2022OmnisisN/A1,18148%37%16%11%
3–4 Nov 2022OmnisisN/A1,35248%35%17%13%
27–28 Oct 2022OmnisisN/A1,35351%35%14%16%
21–22 Oct 2022OmnisisN/A1,35350%32%18%18%
20 Oct 2022OmnisisN/A1,38249%37%13%12%
19 Oct 2022Redfield & Wilton StrategiesUK in a Changing Europe1,50052%39%8%13%
13–14 Oct 2022OmnisisN/A1,40351%35%14%16%
6–7 Oct 2022OmnisisN/A1,32847%33%20%14%
29–30 Sep 2022OmnisisN/A1,32042%36%22%6%
23–26 Sep 2022OmnisisN/A1,30749%31%19%18%
20–21 Sep 2022YouGovEurotrack1,70446%36%19%10%
19 Aug 2022Redfield & Wilton StrategiesUK in a Changing Europe1,50049%42%9%7%
4–5 Aug 2022YouGovEurotrack1,66945%37%19%8%
10–11 Jul 2022YouGovEurotrack1,68445%38%17%7%
19–20 Jun 2022Redfield & Wilton StrategiesUK in a Changing Europe2,00048%43%9%5%
9–10 Jun 2022YouGovEurotrack1,73945%36%20%9%
16–17 May 2022YouGovN/A1,66941%38%21%3%
19 Apr 2022Redfield & Wilton StrategiesUK in a Changing Europe2,00045%47%8%2%
13–14 Apr 2022DeltapollMail on Sunday1,55047%40%14%7%
9–11 Apr 2022YouGovEurotrack1,91543%38%19%5%
16–17 Mar 2022YouGovN/A1,76143%35%22%8%
20 Feb 2022Redfield & Wilton StrategiesUK in a Changing Europe2,00041%50%9%9%
10–11 Feb 2022YouGovEurotrack1,72044%36%19%8%
17–18 Jan 2022YouGovN/A1,69542%39%19%3%
23 Dec 2021OpiniumThe Observer1,90441%42%17%1%
13 Dec 2021KantarN/A1,07436%33%30%3%
10–12 Dec 2021Savanta ComResThe Independent2,09644%43%10%1%
2–3 Dec 2021YouGovEurotrack1,70345%37%18%8%
22 Nov 2021KantarN/A1,11934%32%34%2%
16–17 Nov 2021YouGovEurotrack1,71244%39%16%5%
9 Nov 2021Redfield & Wilton StrategiesUK in a Changing Europe1,50044%50%6%6%
5–7 Nov 2021ComResN/A1,68748%41%12%7%
12–13 Oct 2021YouGovEurotrack1,65941%37%22%4%
15–16 Sep 2021YouGovEurotrack1,63541%39%21%2%
12–13 Aug 2021YouGovEurotrack1,76741%41%18%Tie
20–21 Jul 2021YouGovEurotrack1,76739%41%20%2%
22–23 Jun 2021YouGovEurotrack1,71139%41%20%2%
18–20 Jun 2021ComResN/A2,19142%42%16%Tie
24–25 May 2021YouGovEurotrack1,62239%44%17%5%
22–26 Apr 2021KantarN/A1,11531%37%32%6%
21–22 Apr 2021YouGovEurotrack1,73038%43%19%5%
16–19 Mar 2021BMG ResearchThe Independent1,49843%49%8%6%
15–16 Mar 2021YouGovEurotrack1,67240%41%18%1%
18–22 Feb 2021KantarN/A1,11433%33%35%Tie
16–17 Feb 2021YouGovEurotrack1,69739%41%20%2%
21–25 Jan 2021KantarN/A1,10034%37%29%3%
19–25 Jan 2021YouGovThe Times3,31242%40%18%2%
18–19 Jan 2021YouGovEurotrack1,69742%40%18%2%
10–14 Dec 2020KantarN/A1,13732%34%34%2%
5–9 Nov 2020KantarN/A1,14137%33%30%4%
17–21 Sep 2020KantarN/A1,12531%38%31%7%
10–11 Aug 2020YouGovN/A1,59543%39%18%4%
6–10 Aug 2020KantarN/A1,16137%33%30%4%
2–26 Jul 2020NatCenThe UK in a Changing Europe2,41347%39%14%8%
9–13 Jul 2020KantarN/A1,13133%39%28%6%
21–22 May 2020YouGovHandelsblatt1,66942%41%18%1%
7–9 Apr 2020BMG ResearchThe Independent1,37143%47%10%4%
24–26 Mar 2020Number Cruncher PoliticsBloomberg1,01038%47%14%9%
3–6 Mar 2020BMG ResearchThe Independent1,33740%48%12%8%
4–7 Feb 2020BMG ResearchThe Independent1,50342%46%12%4%
4–5 Feb 2020YouGovHandelsblatt1,57842%40%20%2%

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    1. I think they would. It would be mutually beneficial. We’re still an important economy. Might have to grovel a bit though and show that we are no longer beholden to those scummy nationalist extremists.

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