Deregulation – the path to disaster!

Thatcher (with her imbecilic chancellor Lawson) deregulated the financial sector letting loose a wave of extreme gambling on the markets, licentious behaviour, massive risks and bonuses, that gave rise to the financial crash that buried Brown’s Labour government.

Blair should have brought back greater regulation but didn’t. So we had a financial crash. Fool.

Deregulation is stupidity. Regulations are there to prevent harmful excesses. Deregulation puts money in the pockets of bosses while making everything more dangerous for everyone else.

The deregulation of the gambling industry was another massive mistake that has resulted in a massive increase in debts, addicts and suicides. Gambling is a stupidity. One only has to look at the obscene profits being made. It targets the gullible and vulnerable!

The sooner the advertising is banned and a lid put back on the industry the better.

Gambling is as bad as heroin.

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