Why do I write?

Why do I Write?

huge_wave_in_hawaiiWhy do I write? That is a question a lot of people ask me and it is one I often ask myself. Writing is a lonely, sedentary task. It is time consuming, frustrating and unrewarding in many ways.It was Paul Simon who wrote ‘All my words come back to me – in shades of mediocrity – like emptiness in harmony’.  That about sums it up. I am not the next John Fowles. I did not study English Literature. Why do I think I can write? I write because I know I can articulate the contents of my mind into words that will resonate with my readers. I know I can and sometimes I do. I write because I have a head that is full of passions, ideas, thoughts, opinions and stories and I have a burning need to write them down. I enjoy writing as much as I do reading – and I love reading. I am not religious. I do not believe in any god or afterlife; I do not believe there is an ultimate purpose. I believe we have to give life a purpose. We have to strive to make the world a better place. Writing does that for me. I love nature and am destroyed by what we are doing to the planet. It eats me up.I write about the things that mean something to me. I am a communicator who is an idealist; I believe we can make things better. I write because I believe in creativity. Creating something beautiful or passionate gives purpose and fulfilment. My books contain the wonder in my head. I write because it is difficult. Writing a novel is like climbing Everest. It is so hard that it leaves you with a sense of fulfilment when you’ve achieved it. I’ve climbed a lot of mountains. I write because I am a rebel who wants to change the system. I want to change it because it stinks. I think we can do better. I write about my passions. There are no rules. I like to push the limits in every way going. My books are different. They are sometimes extreme. I write for fun. I have written 49 books and published twenty four. Twenty two are available on Amazon. They are my babies. They will live longer than me. I dread to think how many hours I have sat in the dark typing on an old type-writer or pounding the keyboard on my various computers. How much of my life? How many tens of thousands of hours?A book would take me a couple of thousand hours. I done rewrite after rewrite. So far I have earned around £700 for all those efforts. I make about a dollar a book. It’s not a great return. If it was about the money I could have worked in a filling-station and bought a house! It’s not about the recognition. You write into a relentless vacuum. It is sometimes the most discouraging, pointless, lonely task in the world. Sometimes I read what I have written and despair. But I’m still writing!

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      1. I guess. I don’t think I was ever a real writer, it was always part time and recently I don’t write at all. But you have turned out a lot of books. Hats to you!!!

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