The Antitheist’s Dictionary – New and Improved! – Now Available in Hardback, Paperback or Digital! Shock yourself!


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Yes!! I have rewritten the Antitheist’s Dictionary! It is now funnier, more cynical, more offensive, more sacrilegious, more abusive and will at time have you in stitches and at others make you gasp. Religious satire at its best.

It’s available in all its glory from Amazon! Grab yours before it’s banned!

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4 thoughts on “The Antitheist’s Dictionary – New and Improved! – Now Available in Hardback, Paperback or Digital! Shock yourself!

  1. I’m more than halfway sold on the title, but I’m more inclined to self-assign the designation “antitheismist” than “antitheist.”
    Not that I have great love for particular theists; in fact, I’m pretty good at anathematizing fellow humans who trend that way, but there’s scores of people within the “atheist” or “antitheist” crowd that I also don’t like (Ayn Randians, militarists, Trekkies, etc.), and it’s really not about the deficient particular individual protoplasms, but their monumentally stupid and deleterious ideas.
    Your excerpts make for great reading, in any case.

    1. I too would not wish to align myself with the type of people you mention. I more align myself with Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins.
      To address your point about the title – antitheism is a stance against religion but an antitheist is a person who takes that stance. I saw the dictionary as a dictionary for antitheists to take a humourous pop at religion and what it stands for. Glad you liked the excerpts. I’ll put out more so everyone can get more of a flavour.

      1. You have every right to maintain your title against my term-quibbling, which was done just for sport.
        Your response does point out an enduring problem within the antitheist “community,” which does not exist, since we are so small in number.
        PZ Myers writes excellent commentary at his freethought blogs that highlight the divide in this community between the neocon side of Dawkins/the late Hitchens/Sam Harris and the anti-neocon side exemplified by Myers.
        Hitchens became a nutter on the Iraq War, Dawkins has become a spluttering spokesman for knee jerking, and so, more than ever, we need an Antitheist’s Dictionary.

      2. Quite agree and I sure had fun putting it together! The quicker we move out of the Dark Ages the better!

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