Dover Queues Not Caused By Brexit! Sam Avery.

Of course they weren’t. The extra bureaucracy, passport stamping, red tape, extra costs, higher prices, empty shelves, queues, lorry parks, difficulty in travelling abroad, difficulty in studying, working or travelling abroad – none of that is due to Brexit. Neither is the huge loss of GDP, staff shortages, cuts in public services, low wages or strikes.

Of course, it isn’t!

We are now basking in the sunlit uplands, enjoying all the huge benefits and wondering how we’re ever going to spend all the extra cash that keeps coming our way!

Hurrah for Brexit! Now let’s see if we can’t start a war with Germany and France to show them just how great we are!

Hurrah for Brexit! Who needs to be part of the biggest trading group on our own doorstep anyway! Besides, we might not be getting as many immigrants from Europe but we’re getting plenty from everywhere else! Immigration’s gone up loads! Good job we seized back control!!

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