14 thoughts on “The Yorkshire Dales – Near Malham

      1. Oh so close! Who needs a castle anyway? Yeah it can be a brain strain at times but very satisfying when it all comes together.

      2. Very interesting to see what a mixture of races and cultures there were in the history of my family. So much for being British. We couldn’t be more European if we tried.
        As for Corfe Castle – better off without it. Didn’t look to be in good repair. Needed a new roof to start with. More trouble than it’s worth.

      3. Yeah turns out I’m french/German with a fair bit of Irish gypsy apparently. Castles are very over rated. Who needs 22 rooms, a banquet hall and a moat?

      4. Yes. The neighbours might object if I start putting in a moat. I wonder if you need planning permission for a drawbridge?

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