Oh the Dilemma!!

Let me see now?? Just because he tried to fiddle £5 million on his taxes while he was chancellor in charge of taxes, does that make it a sacking offence??

Is it comparable to using a non-dom green card to avoid taxes??

Is it comparable to giving the landlord of your pub a few million?

Is it comparable to bullying all your staff??

Is it comparable to making millions out of lying about Brexit?

Is it comparable to giving out billions via the VIP lane to any Tory donor who asked?

Is it comparable to breaking all the covid rules you imposed on others?

Is it comparable to fiddling your donors for wallpaper, holidays, wine and god knows what?

Is it comparable to lying to the country about Brexit and costing us tens of billions and shoving us all into poverty?

Is it comparable to stupidly borrowing and borrowing to give to the rich in the hopes of growth and putting everybody’s mortgage through the roof?

Is it comparable to tractor porn?

Is it comparable to imposing poverty on everyone while making millions for yourself?

Is it comparable to breaking the NHS, schools and all the public services?

Is it comparable to lying about everything?

I mean it’s only a measly £5 million. That’s peanuts, isn’t it?

To sack or not to sack. That is the question.

Anyway, jobs done – can’t hang around, there’s money to be made!!


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