Roy Harper – Royal Festival Hall – In the Dressing Room

Roy Harper

Posted on  by Opher

Roy had his own personal dressing room and gave me the opportunity to take a few photos while he was working, jotting down a few last minute things.

I liked the image in the mirror and even managed to get myself in on the shot.


Roy was extremely proud to be playing at such a prestigious venue where so many great musicians had performed. The thing that was certain was that he was not out of place among those Greats. As the audience let him know – he is one of the greats – a living legend.


There was a music stand with RFH on it. We had a little aside discussing what Roy’s  middle name should be. We came up with Flamenco, Flamingo and Fernando. Roy thought maybe Fandango. But in the end we decided it would have to be Roy fucking Harper!


To be able to sit in a small room while a musician of Roy’s genius practices a few songs is a magical experience. To see the craft up close is awesome.   

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