The Ten Things that are Buggin’ me today!


I am quite a fun-loving individual. I’m not depressive or gloomy. I like a laugh and I like doing things – especially travelling, writing, photographing and listening to music.

But I do get exceedingly angry a lot of the time. I can’t turn off from a lot of the insane things that human beings are doing.

Here are ten things that are buggin’ me today:-

  1. 10% of all the world’s wilderness has been destroyed since 1996 – that is utterly insane. All of the creatures living in that wilderness have been butchered and destroyed. Logging, mining, hunting, poaching, and strip and burn. Coffee, palm oil and farming. We are destroying the planet at an ever increasing rate! Soon there will be nothing left! It makes me mad!!!!!
  2. 1% of Britain’s richest own 25% of all the wealth – these are the greedy fuckers who are responsible for destroying the planet, creating poverty, creating the capitalist mantra of corporate greed and progress, ransacking everything for personal gain and not giving a hoot about the consequences. Inequality is the basis of most of the world’s problems.
  3. Rhinos, Elephants, Gorillas, Tigers, Chimps, Orangutans and all the other wildlife – All being machine gunned, hacked to pieces, used in Chinese medicine, ivory trade and bush-meat. Or else their habitat is being systematically destroyed. Soon there will not be any wildlife left outside of zoos.
  4. Grammar Schools – now the Tories have been taken over by the extreme right-wingers and think they have no opposition they think they can do what they like. Grammar Schools are OK for the ones at the top (who can afford the tutoring in order to get in) but it throws 90% of the rest of us into the shit. Label them as failures and throw them on the scrap-heap – take away aspiration and hope!
  5. The undermining of Democracy – there seems to be a systematic campaign run by the Tory Establishment to ensure that they remain in power for evermore. They have shackled the unions by bringing in legislation to stop them striking, shackled the BBC and taken over the board, run a campaign of lies throughout the media and are proposing to change boundaries so that Labour lose a bunch of MPs. Seems we might have Tories forever running the country on behalf of the wealthy.
  6. Mindless society – the celebrity culture and shallow, cretinous mindset that revolves around trivia, soaps, getting drunk, game-shows, strictly, Simon Cowell and the law of the lowest common denominator – anything to stop people thinking (particularly about the planet, big business, the wealthy and the Tories and their games).
  7. Capitalist Greed – the selfish mentality that puts profit before anything else. They are prepared to destroy the planet in order to have their yachts, penthouses and glamour. They do not care about the poor creatures butchered, the poverty, desperate people, war, inequality or drowned babies – just as long as they get more than their share.
  8. Overpopulation – the thing that is driving it all – now heading for 8 Billion and due to double in the next twenty years. Insanity. But necessary for growth, profit and a cheap workforce to drive the corporate greed – good for business. I see no effort to reduce this stupidity! It will swamp the planet and destroy us all. I hope there’s a virus soon!
  9. Trump – following the same populist, xenophobic, nationalist, right-wing movement verging on fascism, Trump has successfully motivated the desperate, disillusioned and impoverished and sold them the same old lies. They somehow believe a billionaire is on their wave-length and has their interests at heart. He is a lying fraud who is a great danger to everyone with his racist, misogynist, xenophobia. The fear of terrorism and Muslims has been deployed in the same way the Jews were scapegoated by Hitler. He’s a warmonger, an isolationist and a ruthless psychopath. Admittedly the choice isn’t great but it always comes down to the lesser of two evils.
  10. Brexit – the same tactics were used by the Brexiteers as they lied. It is true that the EU is a right-wing institution but it represents a more universal attitude, an outward looking force. I hate the media propaganda being put out about how great everything is. It isn’t. The racists have been given a charter to target Poles and other foreigners. Hate crime is through the roof as they create an atmosphere of British bulldog that I find repulsive. Behind the scenes I am already hearing from friends of firms closing down their operations here to move to Europe. Siemens is cancelling major developments. Already people I know of are being made redundant. Many companies are waiting to see which way we go. If we want in to the market we have to swallow free movement. If we opt out then firms flee. If we lose the bankers and car industry we are in for hard times. Apart from the race and economic impact we have been lumbered with an extreme right-wing government 9With the likes of Davies and Fox) who are already flexing their muscles with Grammar Schools and a host of other elitist policies. I fear for the weak and needy. May has already pulled the promises made – there will be no bonus for the NHS and I bet all the other EU funded schemes will find themselves scuppered. The worst is yet to come. We haven’t even started.
  11. Faith Schools – at a time when we have huge problems created by religious sectarianism and segregation you would think that politicians might have learnt their lesson. We want people living together in harmony – not apart being indoctrinated with sectarian, religious superstition. Indoctrinating children is child abuse!

I know. That is not ten. I threw in one for good measure!

I could go on. But those are the eleven that make my blood boil. I want to live in a world that respects nature and animals, controls its population and industry, is not obsessed with profit and wealth, practices equality, respect and empathy, and doesn’t indoctrinate our children. I want to do away with nations, religion and corporations. I want a population half its present size. I want freedom and individuality. I want creativity, fun and relationship. I want leaders who are not lying psychopaths, sociopaths and in it for the power and money.

I know – it’s become a tirade! But if we don’t shout it will all be destroyed by those who do not care!

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