Law and Order!

Have the police or courts ever been about justice? I don’t think so. More about law and order to protect the rich.

The wealthy are above the law. Just look at Johnson, Trump and Bolsonaro – a trio of law-breakers, conmen, liars and thieves who will always evade justice. You can’t get a more obvious criminal than what appears to be the tax-evading, mafia-dealing conman who is Trump. But the law will protect him.

All too often the police are used as political tools for union bashing or against segments of the population like the travelling community, blacks , hippies, and demonstrators. They can turn something peaceful sour.

Power goes to peoples’ heads. They think they can get away with murder. That’s what has happened in the Met. The racist, misogynistic culture enables rapists and white supremacists to act with impunity.

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