2 thoughts on “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

  1. Opher, I’d disagree, but only on a matter of wording. There is nothing wrong with patriotism, which I define as loving the land and the people where you live. In my case Wessex, in yours Yorkshire. What is wrong is nationalism – a political system that assumes a false “general will” among those who live in a particular area (and that area is defined and “policed” by the very same scum that run the system).

    1. Well that’s interesting. I love the land, mixed feelings about the people, some are good some are bad, greatly dislike the politics of the area and love lots of other parts of the world as much. I could quite happily live in a number of other places and have found people from all parts of the world just as pleasant. So, no I don’t have a particular wish to love my land or people more than elsewhere. People are people. There are many beautiful parts of the world. Many cultures have a lot going for them.

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