I Am Really Forever

My atoms are forever.

                They will not go away.

My voice will echo

                Ever quieter

                                Forever and a day.

When the sun has died

                And the universe gone dark

My atoms will still be playing

                Still infused with my spark.

I’ll enrich them with my life

                And fill them full of joy

                                Let them loose

And take great pride

                In the bigots they’ll annoy!

Opher 20.8.2022

My whole body changes through times as molecules and atoms come and go replacing each other constantly. It would be impossible to conceive of the vast numbers that have inhabited my body.

I currently have around 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms inside me. Some of them have come from Einstein, some from Darwin, some from Jesus and some from Hitler. I’m trying to eliminate the ones that came from Thatcher, Johnson and Trump but I really don’t have too much control. They come and go as they please.

I just try to work on the zeitgeist and make it more positive. I hope the atoms that constantly flood out of me leave happier than when they arrived.

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