We do not want a hard Brexit!!! We want a future for our children!!

This is what I wrote back in 2017 when Johnson and his band of racist and xenophobic nationalistic nutcases in the ERG were pushing for a hard Brexit. They won and we are fucked.

Opher's World

The majority of people in this country do not want to leave Europe. They have woken up to the disaster that Brexit will be. It will cost us a fortune.


But we are going even though it is madness.

So the question is what sort of Brexit do we want?

I know what I want!

  • I want tariff free trade
  • I want human rights law
  • I want workers protection
  • I want environmental cooperation
  • I want antiterrorist cooperation
  • I want cooperation against crime
  • I want to travel through Europe without visas and passports
  • I want a pluralistic society
  • I want an outward looking country
  • I want a friendly, welcoming country
  • I want a compassionate country
  • I want a wealthy, happy country

I want a ‘SOFT BREXIT’ negotiated by a caring Corbyn – not a ‘HARD BREXIT’ negotiated by an uncaring May – full of xenophobia, hate, fear and economic gloom.

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