The Value of Gestures

The Value of Gestures

Some things cannot be fixed.

They are more complex

                Than they once seemed.

There are no easy answers;

                Nothing black and white:

                                Nothing we can do about it.

Poverty, inequality, hatred and war

                Are here for evermore.

It’s human nature, you can’t change it.

                There’s no way to rearrange it.

These are the things I do not believe.

                We can change the world..

Besides, what can be wrong with

                                The strength

                                                Of a pointless gesture.

In the end

                It’s about us, how we feel and what we do, what we stand for.

Even if we cannot change the world………….

Opher 8.8.2022

Things have got better.

We can change the world.

It is being run for and by a crazy, greedy elite.

Collectively we can force them to change.

It’s been done in the past.

Besides, we have a life to lead and we can either make a stand for what is right, or we can ignore it all and pretend it isn’t happening. Our morality is up to us.

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