Help!! Help!!

Help!! Help!!

Help!! Help!!

I’m stranded on a rock in the middle of nowhere.

I’m surrounded by demented apes.

They are pretending to be sane.

They act as if they are my friends

But they are busy wrecking the joint.

They spend their time inventing new ways of killing each other.

They steal, rob and lie

But pretend they are being moral.

The powerful ones steal everything from the weaker ones

Then tell them that they are really working for them!

The insane thing is:

The weaker apes really believe this!

They actually encourage and support the wealthy exploiters!

They are all mad.

Superficially it appears orderly and operational

But scratch the surface and it’s a seething mess of abuse.

Help! Help!

Get me out of here!!

Opher – 12.8.2022

The very existence of human beings proves beyond doubt that there is no god.

Having evolved on an incredible planet we have set about changing it into a living nightmare.

Instead of sharing and cooperation we work on greed and avarice.

The lust for power rules everything.

We’ve invented war, gods and torture machines all in the pursuit of power.

The powerful exploit the weaker and we vote them into power.

We are intelligently stupid. We allow ourselves to be controlled, lied to and deceived.

We are so gullible, so prone to believing conspiracy and propaganda that we actually believe that members of the elite, like Trump, Johnson, Orban, Modi, Erdogan and Bolsonaro, actually care about us and want to make our lives better. We believe that even when we plainly see that they are robbing us blind.

This planet is utterly insane!

I feel like I am a lonely sane person in the midst of a baying mob of vicious lunatics.

Please rescue me!

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