Cost of Living Crisis – Brexit – the Elephants in the room! Chris Riddell!

Everyone can see that this Tory hard Brexit has severely damaged the country. It needs putting right.

What we should have done is obvious isn’t it? We should have respected the vote (close though it was – but I won’t go there) and come out but stayed in the single market and customs union.

All those promised oven-ready wonderful trade deals are pie in the sky. They were never going to happen and never will. Our biggest and best trading partner is just across the channel. They are also powerful enough to make better trade deals with others than we can possibly do.

It was all lies. A lot of very rich Tories made a lot of money out of Brexit – at our expense!! Bastards!!

I so wish that Starmer would come out and make the case against Brexit. I think if he said that we’re staying out but going back into the single market and customs union for the sake of the economy he’d get the support of all of them apart from a hardcore of nutters!!

The chance of making enough great trade deals to make up for the damage to our trade with the EU is ridiculously small.

We’ve not shot ourselves in the foot, we’ve blown our own heads off!!

These ERG racist/xenophobic nutcases have wrecked the country for their own greedy selfish reasons. They should be made to pay back all the profit they made out of Brexit.

It’s all about votes not common sense!!

The sooner we get out of this political morass and into a rational debate the better!!

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