Only in Dreams

Only in Dreams

It’s only in the memories

                That we live.

Only in the thoughts of friends

                The dreams of lovers

                                And in images and words.

Life is a brief poem

                That rhymes

                                With the rhythm

                                                Of sun, stars

                                And the green hills of Earth.

Life is a poem

                Of endless hope

On a short journey

                With only one ending.

Opher 3.1.2023

I started off thinking about Syd Barrett. I’m reading this great book about him. I saw him play and met him once. He meant a lot.

Now he’s dead.

He only lives in our memories, his music and the words and images we have of him.

That made me think about myself and all of us.

This life spent on a planet hurtling through space. What a journey.

All we’ll have to show….

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