What a mess the Republicans are in!!

The Republicans are in as big a mess as the Tories. Trump and Johnson have wrecked the joint.

Now we have an imbecile like Matt Gaetz stopping them from electing a speaker. They take the House and they can’t even elect a speaker. How daft is that??

It doesn’t bode well for the future either. If they can’t agree on that then they’ll be trouble with legislature all the way through the next two years

These MAGA Trumpists are an extreme bunch of imbeciles – half arse-hole, half lunatic. It’s like QAnon has infected them with stupid juice.

The damage that Trump and Johnson have wreaked on their respective countries will take a long time to put right. It’s let loose a nasty bunch of racist nincompoops who feel they’ve been empowered.

Politics is a mess at the best of times but when you have fascists and religious nutcases in the mix it gets insanely ludicrous.

So in the USA Trump is going to prove an irritant right up until he’s locked up for his tax-evading, crooked deals and insurrection. Meanwhile, in the UK Sunak is being tabbed in the back by the Johnson nutters who really value lying and ineptitude.

What a world. At least we’re rid of Bolsonaro!!

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