The Winter of Democracy

Tis the winter of our discontent!

Opher's World

The Winter of Democracy

Living in the winter

Of democracy

As factions stifle voices.

Dead leaves

Of hope

Blow among the garbage.

Fascism erupts

From the

Rotting corpse.

Conspiracy replaces truth.

Certainty replaces quest.



As a black

And white scripture.

Those not with us

Are always wrong.


Comes with a gun.


With a fist.

Freedom is a prison

Whose walls

Are closing in.

It’s the winter of democracy

Lies and fake news


For the fools.


Watching the news as the Tories desperately spin the story. Red meat is thrown to the gullible. Throats are cut. Scapegoats selected.

Careers are ruined.

Anything but the truth.

The lust for power rules.

Operation Save The Big Dog is in full swing – Lie, obfuscate, cover, lie some more.

All singing from the same script.

If you say it often enough……..

Over in the States Trump trots out…

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