Tory Corruption Finally Pays The Price

Tory Corruption Finally Pays The Price

Tories becoming desperate

Over the unravelling of their vote,

Risking complete annihilation in the polls.

Yesterday’s hero proving to be a contemptible

Clown; a lying, immoral chancer

Out for himself; out of his depth.

Relying on a string of untrue slogans and soundbites.

Reduced to a crooked party of sleaze,

Undeniably corrupt to the core,

Putting morality aside;

To arrogantly assume that people are stupid,

In their relentless pursuit of cash.

Overthrowing all decency as they

Nastily cut while handing out VIP lane contracts.

Opher – 26.12.2022

I’m enjoying doing these type of ‘poems’.

They have a ring to them.

It is good to see the Tories in such disarray. But it is incredibly sad to witness what a mess they have made of the country. They have truly left it in a terrible state.

Things were good when they came in but they have ravaged the public services with savage cuts so that everything is now in crisis.

They have used austerity to drive down salaries while giving massive handouts to the wealthy.

Arrogantly, as people seemed to continue to support them despite the incompetence, lies and corruption, they thought they could get away with anything. They made the same mistake as Trump. There comes a point where people turn and all the lies and propaganda cease to be effective.

Never have we seen this level of corruption and sleaze.

It’s truly criminal.

Where is the scrutiny and accountability?

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