Before Science

Before Science

Back before science

                They used the shaman

                                To explain.

He performed

                Ritual dances

                                To bring the rain.

He always ate the choice,

                Enjoyed the power.

Was waited on

                Every hour.

His pronouncement were the truth –

                Explaining mysteries without proof.

They wrote it all down

                To become the gospel word.

It mattered little

                That most was just absurd.

It did not need

                To be true.

As long as people

                Stuck to it like glue.

Opher – 26.6.2022

Religion is powerful. It is tribal. Its dress and ritual are intermixed with our cultures

Its messages can be interpreted in many ways. It is always open to interpretation and malleable. Most things can be justified.

The absurdities are glossed over.

The cultural influences carefully ignored.

Everyone is able to pick and choose the bits they want to. It can be used to vilify all war and sanctify war.

The establishment find it very useful. It is used to vindicate them. Its power is deployed. It unifies the tribe.

Putin uses it – appearing with ceremonies and religious patriarchs.

Ukraine uses it. Soldiers cross themselves and die with renewed vigour.

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