Poetry – Meaning

MeaningForged in the centre of a star                Where atoms are stripped                                And split,The molecules of my mind were created.As it spewed its substance forth                In a supernova blast,                                Condensing,The nascent energy permeated.Into matter, carbon and DNA                In wondrous meaning                                Evolving,As if all life was fated.The unique fire was lit,                A spark of consciousness,                                Of life,A spark that cannot be equated.For without that spark                The whole infinite universe                                Is meaninglessIn darkness unalleviated.Opher – 19.12.2019

I find it hard to imagine and a joy to wonder at, that all the matter and energy in the universe blasted into existence in the instant of the Big Bang. That naked, basic matter, condensed in stars, nuclear dynamos of heat and pressure, in which the more complex elements were created.So all the atoms of my planet and my body emanated from the inferno of a star.Those suns spawned matter and give light and warmth to nourish life. They are truly the gods of the heavens. No wonder primitive people worshiped them.But it is us that give this incredible spectacle meaning.

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