Elon Musk’s Heading for a FALL!!

Typical right-wing reaction to free speech! Free-speech simply means blocking out anything and everything they don’t agree with.

So it’s giving a platform to holocaust deniers, conman Trump, flat-earthers, QAnon, conspiracists, hatemongers and any lying git but block the Washington Post.

The man is cuckoo!

It’s bad enough having the tabloid press in the hands of right-wing nutcases and the internet rampant with right-wing lies and propaganda but Musk’s take-over of Twitter is yet another nail in the coffin of democracy.

316 thoughts on “Elon Musk’s Heading for a FALL!!

      1. Non-sense. President Trump the most supportive and best ally of the Jewish state, he recognized Jerusalem & the Golan Heights as Israeli. He demolished UN Resolution 2334 promoted by Obama. His diplomacy succeeded to get 4 Arab countries to sign a Peace Agreement with Israel in the Abram accords. This unprecedented record of success in the Middle East – no other post WWII President has come anywhere near to the magnitude of President Trump’s leadership skills.

        Domestically minority populations both Black and Mexicans enjoyed the highest employment ever in post WWII recorded US history. This record hardly compares to Fascist oppression and slaughter of minority populations. So your comparison of Trump to Fascists … sorry but that balloon doesn’t fly.

      2. The fascist suppressed voter registration, used racist and xenophobia as weapons, scapegoating Muslims, and worked on fear and violence in the same way as Hitler’s blackshirts did. He’s a fascist who tried to overturn fair elections and impose a tyrannical totalitarian government. He’s a criminal fascist, Moshe. Needs locking up!

      3. Bunk. Declarations and name calling = masturbation. President Trump holds the Federal Government responsible to protect the national borders of America. Minorities enjoyed the highest employment percentages ever in post WWII recorded history! So the racist and xenophobia slanders — just bunk.

        FDR closed down the US borders and did not permit Jews to flee from Nazi Europe. No one refers to FDR as racist and xenophobic! The comparison to Hitler, simply brain dead stupid. Trump hands down the most pro Israel President in all American history. Hitler hated Jews. This false comparison – utter bull shit. Seriously hope that President Trump returns to power in the 2024 Presidential elections.

      4. Forlorn hope Moshe. He’s about to be locked up for a very long time for inciting insurrection, tax evasion and a series of other criminal activities.

      5. Yea Yea Yea (an early Beatles song). Rachel Maddow of NBC decried President Trump throughout his 4 years of Office. Russia-gate bull shit.

      6. You don’t seem able to recognise a fascist conman when you see one Moshe. How do you feel about having one as a new Israeli leader? Ironically he makes Hitler look middle of the road.

      7. I recognize you as a fascist conman. You tar and feather President Trump with a broad black brush. But never deem or think in necessary to support your hatred and calami by bringing any specific details which supports your callous general statements – unsupported by any facts other than the vanity of your self opinionated opinion.

        You’re comparison to Hitler just sick. You have no education of Hitler and his crimes against humanity.

      8. I am well aware of Hitler’s immense crimes. His actions against the Jews and other minorities all started in the same way as right-wing extremists like Netanyahu, Oban, Peroni, Trump, Patel, Bolsonaro, Le Penne, Modi, Erdogan and Putin.
        I fear the world’s in a nasty place!

      9. Bunk. Hitler despised the Versallies treaty dictate England and France imposed upon defeated Germany following WWI. Your comparison to people from completely different cultures times and places compares to identifying flies with fishes. Totally absurd.

      10. Really?? And now today, they are recommending bringing criminal charges against Trump. He’s being done for tax evasion too and numerous criminal work practices.
        Now Netanyahu is putting together an extreme right-wing cabinet of ultra-nationalists and religious zealots. The most extreme in the history of Israel.
        Not just my opinion, is it? It’s actually on our mainstream news – concern about the fascism in both Israel and the USA.

      11. Opher, consider the source. Who just exactly represent “they”? The DemoRATS!!! You say extreme right … what qualifies as extreme to you. Extreme sounds like a hostile accusation to me. Ultra-nationalists? Religious zealots? The most extreme in the history of Israel? LOL You know nothing about Israeli politics. MSM propaganda, that’s your problem not mine.

      12. Bunk. You foreign idiot, like you involve yourself in Israeli politics! What a joke. The government has yet to rule and you know best. HaHaHa what a complete joke.

      13. No – I just tell the truth. You don’t like truth. Trump is a greedy, self-serving, criminal conman. Netanyahu is a fascist.

      14. You equate your opinion with “truth” … self centered moron. The Fascists did the exact same stupidity. Bibi has made peace with 4 Arab countries and maintained the peace with both Egypt and Jordan. Idiot.

      15. No. He simply applied the pressure cooker and tried to put the lid on. The pressure builds up. Until the underlying problems are resolved you are at war.
        Iran will probably with nuke you or release some nasty biological weapon. You’ll never be safe.

      16. You’re pressure cooker metaphor does not apply to any specific concrete action. How do I know? B/c you never bring any concrete historical facts to support your dumb ass pie in the sky opinions.

        You don’t know shit about the future. Silly fool. Iran and Israel have a long relationship with one another you shallow superficial news paper reactionary idiot.

      17. I know – a very long relationship. They have resolved to wipe Israel off the map. We’ll see.
        You make all these tough noises and support vicious oppression. It’ll rebound on you. History shows that fascists usually meet their comeuppance.
        The psychology is very clear – the victims of bullying, abuse and violence often become perpetrators.
        Your racist attitude is vile.

      18. What vicious oppression? Pie in the sky bull shit. What history shows that fascist meet their comeuppance… Pie in the Sky bull shit.

        Mr. Fascist this and Fascist that YOU call my attitude racist … Pie in the Shy bull shit.

      19. stateless Palestinians who you love to lord it over, take away their rights, abuse them. That’s racist, fascist and repugnant.

      20. Fake News CNN almost bankrupt after its anti Trump propaganda. Where’s Rachel Maddow who spewed the Russia Gate slander for 4 years – gone. You Stupid Son of a Bitch.

      21. Trump accomplished more for Middle East peace than any government in the US or Britian since the establishment of the Jewish state in 1948.

      22. Lol – I can see that. It’s very stable now. Iran isn’t a problem. The Palestinians are no problem. It’s all calm and peaceful. You have fully integrated the Palestinians as equals. There are no more tensions. Well done Trump.
        What are you on Moshe??

      23. Now? Oh you mean 2 years under Biden. LOL you just proved my opinion that you live the life of a total political moron. Stateless Arab refugees who have no country of their own – not a problem. Stateless Arab refugees do not have rights or equality just as for 2000+ years Jewish stateless refugees did not have rights or equality in Europe.

        President Trump inspired 4 Arab Countries to make peace with Israel in the Abrams accords – but you equate this astonishing achievement to Nazism. And then you ask me what am I on? Opher get of the LSD then perhaps you can speak lucid.

      24. Bunk on your noun peace. Shalom its a verb not a noun. Stateless Arab refugees have no rights … not just in Israel but Syria and Lebanon and Jordan and Iraq etc. You silly idiot.

      25. That’s precisely why you love fascists and there will always be war. Your belligerence and arrogance, your callous attitude, your wish to exclude and oppress, is the cause of the problem. The irony is that you use the way Jews have been treated as an excuse to do the same to others and you’re too dumb to see it.

      26. President Trump a righteous man. You have accomplished nothing you’re just a old fart who takes snap shots and pretends your opinion “trumps” reality.

        Its called measure for measure. Goyim who treated Jews like shit. Now the shoes on the other foot. Well guess what Jews can give as we got. You don’t like it, who cares. Certainly not me.

      27. Nancy got thrown out on her ass from Office. Your Pie in the Sky bull shit concerning the leader of the GOP directly compares to your pie in the sky bull shit concerning President Trump during the Russia Gate bull shit.

      28. Idiot – Trump is a self-serving conman who’s made millions out of his divisive, hate-ridden presidency. He’ll look good in stripes and arrows.

      29. Pie in the sky. President Trump did not need the money of the Corporate monopolies. The government behind the government like in the movie the Wizard of Oz. Pelosi she has “bilked” the American people of billions while sitting in the House of Representatives. Idiot.

      30. You’re definition of fascist … you’re head so far up your ass … all you can see, complete and total shit.

        We Jews have long memories. And we plan to rub the noses of Goyim into their own shit. And beat their butts till their noses bleed.

      31. Lovely. Peace on earth, goodwill to all men. Karma. You reap what you sow.
        If all the other Jews were like you (which fortunately they aren’t) it’s easy to see why you were all kicked out and persecuted. Nobody likes ann arrogant, belligerent fascist.

      32. We’ll see what the courts say in the USA. I’m expecting a number of lengthy jail sentences for the most corrupt politician of the modern age!

      33. Now you say wait and see. Thats a completely different tune that Trump = Hitler. The Muller Report on Russia Gate came as a shock to fools like you. Only problem you people never learn. You repeat your error over and again with equal enthusiasm. Pathetic.

      34. I listen to what Trump does. I see what he does. IMO he’s a lying, controlling conman of the worst kind – a criminal fascist who needs locking up.

      35. Trump made peace in the Middle East and reduced US soldiers stationed abroad and did not spend 100 billion dollars on a Russian Ukraine border war. Trump achieved the highest employment of blacks and mexicans in all post WWII recorded history.

        That’s facts. “lying, controlling conman of the worst kind – a criminal fascist who needs locking up.” … that’s your bull shit accusations without any supporting facts.

      36. Trump, true to form, merely backed a bunch of extreme fascist Jews in their suppression and oppression of the Palestinian people. That’s why you like him.
        He was a lover of other fascists too – Putin and Jong-un.

      37. I suggest you read all the mounting lawsuits regarding Trump – from criminal business deals, tax evasion all the way to trying to overturn a legitimate election result and insurrection. A narcissistic psychopath if ever there was one.

      38. Yea like you rejoiced over the lies of Russia gate which you swore were true. Fascist dumb ass that you’re self centered “the world reality my ignorant opinions define” idiotic stupidity.

      39. You think that Trump doesn’t have Russian connections?? A joke! He’s up to his neck – Russian money, mafia, you name it.

      40. Been there and done that already with you. What characterizes and separates the fool? The fool thinks he can repeat a previous error and get better results.

      41. I was thinking exactly the same about you,Moshe. What makes you think that kicking a people out, taking away their rights, making them homeless and stateless, persecuting them, oppressing and suppressing them, is going to work this time. After all, it didn’t work with the Jews did it? Just served to make them stronger and more determined. See any pattern?

      42. The Arabs rejected a 2 state solution in favor of war. Idiot. Stop crying over spilt milk, and get your occupation armies out of Northern Ireland.

      43. Bunk. Arabs refuse to repatriate their Arab refugee populations scattered across the Middle East, not just Israel. Silly reactionary idiot. Arab and Muslim countries use the Arab refugee status as propaganda. If Arab and Muslim countries gave the least bit of a hoot for these stateless Arab refugees, then they would repatriate them and close the refugee camps in Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq.

        You simple moron. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      44. Yes, they are deliberately using it against you, stirring it up and letting your oppression speak for itself. You’ve allowed the Palestinian crisis to set the agenda instead of lancing that boil.

      45. Bunk. The Arab states expelled all Jews living in their countries following the 1948 Arab defeat. Israel repatriated those Jewish refugees. About 1 million Jews. Idiot.

      46. So what? It’s not about how other people behave. It’s about how you behave. Your oppression and suppression of Palestinians is an indictment of your character. Forget about others. Two wrongs never make a right!

      47. Bunk. You get what you give. Jews existed as stateless refugee populations without a country of our own for over 2000 years. Now Arabs taste the bitterness of exile.

        Xtianity too now tastes exile. England more of a Muslim country than an Xtian country. Revenge its sweet. You get out of North Ireland and shove your oppression guilt trip up your butt along with your brains.

      48. We’re not in Northern Ireland. It’s a democratic country that chooses who it joins with. There is no occupying force.
        This nasty element of revenge that rots your insides is the reason you will be destroyed. You reap what you sow. You are sowing hatred, fear and contempt.

      49. Rubbish. You don’t know what you are talking about. Ireland voluntarily split into two in 1921. Eire took independence from the UK, Northern Ireland voted to stay in. If, at some point in the future, the Northern Irish decide to join with Eire to unite Ireland, as will probably happen at some time, they will hold a referendum and that will be it – (just as Scotland held a referendum and voted to stay in the UK). The IRA were seeking to unite Ireland by force against the will of the Northern Irish people. The UK upheld the rights of the Northern Irish against the IRA.

      50. The territory that became Northern Ireland, within the Irish province of Ulster, had a Protestant and Unionist majority who wanted to maintain ties to Britain. This was largely due to 17th-century British colonisation.

        Irish Republican Army (IRA), also called Provisional Irish Republican Army, seeks the establishment of a republic, the end of British rule in Northern Ireland, and the reunification of Ireland.

        The IRA worked together with the Sinn Féin political arm of the anti British resistance movement. The Irish War of Independence (1919–21), a guerrilla war fought between the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the vile British imperialist forces.

        The IRA never agreed to the terms of the Government of Ireland Act of 1920. Pathetic you do not even know the history of your own people. What a disgrace. The folk of Northern Ireland came from British illegal colonialism.

      51. The IRA are a terrorist group. They were not the government of Eire.
        The people of Northern Ireland did indeed, long ago, stem from a deliberate policy of colonisation. Just like the Jews in Palestine – except much longer ago.
        But, importantly, we have to look at where we are now, not hundreds of years in the past. The present people of Northern Ireland, who have lived there for many many generations (unlike the Jews in Israel), still want to be part of the UK.

      52. By the same token, the PLO – a terrorist organization. Stupid hypocrite. Pull your colony out of Northern Ireland then you can preach that Israel do the same in Samaria.

        Bunk on your do as i say but not as i do bull shit. Jews lived in Samaria before Arabs became Arabs you silly fool.

      53. The “Palestinian people” … Arabs cannot pronounce the letter P in that European metaphor. Europe – butt out of Israeli internal domestic concerns.

      54. What have phonetics got to do with anything?? The Chinese don’t hear the Rrr sound. The French have a rolling, guttural Rrrr that we can’t hear. So what?
        The PLO is there only because of the way the Palestinian people are being treated. It’s the likes of you Moshe who created them!

      55. America did not name itself a French or German name. Brazil did not name itself after a Spanish name. Yet your so called Palestinians, they named themselves after a European name. LOL Total bull shit name. No Arab during the British mandate era 1921 – 1947, referred to themselves as “Palestinians”. Not till 1963, did Arafat take up the name Palestine as his revolutionary motif.

      56. England, Britain, Great Britain, and Limies. None of them a foreign alien language which the people cannot even pronounce correctly.

      57. The United Kingdom – a name that must be spoken with an air of derision – given the fragmented nature of our nation under the Tories.

      58. Maybe for you. We have to live in this Tory mess! But then you’re going to have to live under a fascist corrupt Russian-supporting extreme nutcase and a bunch of religious nutjobs. I wouldn’t swap.

      59. I agree with that. Stupidity is prevalent in all variations of hair colour and is the most common condition for human beings.

      60. The Arab refugees only have themselves to blame for their stateless refugee status of a people without a country. Arabs rejected the 2 State proposals in 1947.

      61. The displaced people pushed out by the Jews can call themselves what they want in my book. Alters nothing. They are the same persecuted, oppressed people being abused by Israel.

      62. Pushed out? The Arabs started and lost the ’48 war. Their own leaders told them to leave so as not to interfere with the 5 invading Arab armies.

      63. Insanity: Repeating the same mistakes while expecting different results.
        The issue with the Biden Administration? Will Biden once again follow the imperial interests of European politics in the Middle East.

        Europe has been unenthusiastic towards the Abraham Accords because it remains wedded to the idea that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must be solved before regional peace can be achieved, participants in a conference in Jerusalem said this week. Why???


        The Jewish News Syndicate (JNS) promotes the shallow political rhetoric that the EU favors prioritization of an Internationally imposed 2 State solution. The holes in this shallow reactionary reading: 1. Europe has a long history of deep-seated hostility against the Jewish people. Hitler’s ‘Final Solution’, virtually all EU state members actively or passively supported, except for Czechoslovakia who first hand experienced a Chamberlain/Hitler 2 State solution! The Nazi/Soviet partition of Poland into 2 States initiated WWII. Post WWII, the Indian/Pakistan 2 State Solution. Insanity defined as: Repeating the same errors and expecting different results!

        In the 1948 Independence War Europe expected to passively sit back and watch 5 Arab invading armies drive the Jews into the Sea, and only then intervene. Again Why??? Europe hungers to dominate the Middle East as “their” back yard. The ’48 Israeli victory shocked European leaders. Then came the 2nd Israeli Independence War of 1967. Nasser swore that this time the Arabs would finish the Nazi ‘Final Solution’. France and England declared their neutrality as they did in 1948.

        Again, a Hanukkah miracle occurred, and Israel crushed the combined Arab armies, supplied by the USSR, of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, and Iraq. The victory once again put Europe in a state of absolute shock. Europe demanded a cessation of hostilities after 6 days of fighting! Who ever heard of a 6-day war fought on multiple fronts. Immediately after the War “neutral” France, that pretender victor of WWII, wrote UN Resolution 242. The basis of anti-Israel post ’67 Independence War UN Resolutions. Recently the UN General Assembly denounced Israel’s ’48 Independence War victory.

        The EU abhors the termination of Jewish stateless refugee status. Post the Shoah disgrace no European country could denounce the right to Jewish self-determination based upon the Balfour treaty which served as the basis for the League of Nations awarding the “Palestine Mandate” to England after WWI. But the 6 Day War victory completely changed the balance of power in the Middle East and 3rd world Europe released its hysteria and condemnation of the Jewish People of Israel. Surprise Surprise — NOT.

        The foreign attempts to deny Israeli national independence — expressed through the repeated UN condemnations of Israel, as if Israel did not really exist as an independent nation state. The UN to this day does not recognize Israel as a nation state within the community of nations of the Middle East! But rather a UN protectorate territory. This talking puppet of ‘Great Power’ interests simply assumes that the UN determines the borders and Capital of the Jewish state. How many European Capitals keep their embassies in Tel Aviv rather than Jerusalem???

        The EU 2 State Solution directly resembles the post WWII division of Germany into Two States. The EU wants to divide Jerusalem as did the Allies Berlin. Rome suggests to this day that Jerusalem should become an International City dominated by European US and Russian powers! Herein explains President Trump’s break with Europe through the Abrams Accords.

        No “Peace” exists between Israel and Europe. The hype on an Israeli/Balestinian “Peace” directly resembles the hysteria over Climate Change. The French built the Iraqi nuclear power plant. Israelis like myself argue that post Shoah, Europe lost its ‘white man’s burden’ moral superiority.

      64. Not really possible though is it? Not while so many Jews are extreme right-wing fascists or religious nutcases and vote in racist confrontational fascist governments.

      65. Nut job. Right-wing does not mean fascists. Just as left-wing does not mean Communist. Your bi-polar thinking reveals insanity.

      66. Bunk. Your slander attempts to blacken the name of political right-wing parties. Bunk on your worthless extremist empty slander.

      67. People like the Aryan Nation and the Oath Takers are who I’m talking about. Right-wing fascist, white supremacist scum. The likes of whom Trump was actively encouraging (all of whom hate Jews).

      68. Not at all surprising that you would pick the Aryan Nation. That Xtian group hates Jews. Dumb-Ass you idiot. Your attempt to slander Jews with the Holocaust, what a complete idiot jackass.

        The 2nd example, utterly pathetic: correct name: called the Oath Keepers – moron. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. August 11, 2015, described the Oath Keepers: “an anti-government group who believe in a wild set of conspiracy theories”.

        Oath Keepers was founded in March 2009. The Oath Keepers has a membership of about 5000 people! LOL that’s your example of an extreme right-wing movement that encapsulates all right-wing nationalist movements!!! What a total joke.

      69. Yes. The American constitution enables fascists, white supremacists, racists of all types, antisemites and QAnon nutcases to arm and express their hatred. What it doesn’t allow is armed insurrection – at least until such time as Trump and his ilk get back in. Then the fascists take over and democracy is dead.

      70. You got fascism on the brain – blond brain. Fascism – a 20th Century political movement. The US Constitution written in 1776. Poor pathetic blond for brains.

      71. ???? I didn’t say the constitution was fascist. I said the fascist groups were using the constitution to carry out their hate. What are you on about Moshe?

      72. The Right to freedom of religion, to bear arms … the Bill of Rights. The Federal Government through the Patriot Act has attacked the validity of the Bill of Rights.

      73. The vast majority of right-wing nationalists have nothing to do with fascism. Your attempt to impose 1% on the 99% of right-wing nationalists complete and total bull shit.

      74. For example: the KKK as a political movement in America – maybe 10,000 followers in a population of 400,000,000 million Americans. Your slander which equates right-wing with fascists – complete and total bull shit.

      75. A
        Army of God (United States)‎ (7 P)
        Aryan Nations‎ (14 P)
        Boogaloo movement‎ (5 P)
        Ku Klux Klan organizations‎ (19 P)
        Members of the Oath Keepers‎ (6 P)
        Patriot movement‎ (1 C, 37 P)
        Proud Boys‎ (18 P)
        White League‎ (6 P)
        Pages in category “Right-wing militia organizations in the United States”
        The following 45 pages are in this category, out of 45 total. This list may not reflect recent changes.

        American militia movement
        List of militia organizations in the United States
        Alpha 66
        Arizona Border Recon
        Army of God (terrorist organization)
        Atomwaffen Division
        The Base (hate group)
        Black Legion (political movement)
        Boogaloo movement
        Christian Identity
        Christian Patriot movement
        Citizens for Constitutional Freedom
        Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
        The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord
        Family Farm Preservation
        FEAR (terrorist group)
        Idaho Light Foot Militia
        Gordon Kahl
        Kentucky State Militia
        List of Atomwaffen Division members in the United States who faced criminal charges
        Militia of Montana
        Minuteman Civil Defense Corps
        Minuteman Project
        Minutemen (anti-Communist organization)
        Missouri Citizens Militia
        Missouri Militia
        Montana Freemen
        Mountaineer Militia
        New York Light Foot Militia
        Occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge
        Patriot movement
        Posse Comitatus (organization)
        Ranch Rescue
        Red Shirts (United States)
        Republic of Texas (group)
        Secret Army Organization
        Texas Emergency Reserve
        United Citizens’ Alarm
        United Constitutional Patriots
        Viper Militia
        Washington State Three Percenters
        White Aryan Resistance
        White League

      76. Army of God (United States) a Xtian terrorist group. Yo idiot Israel its a Jewish state! Jews share nothing in common with Xtians. Formed in 1982. Hardly a mass movement. Three men stating that they were the “Army Of God”! An anti-Abortion movement. You confuse this as a Right-Wing National fascist movement. You’re totally nuts.

        The Boogaloo movement a pro-gun, anti-government group. You call this a fascist movement?! Dude the founding fathers opposed Big Brother. That’s the reason the Constitution recognizes States Rights! Wow your ignorance of American culture and tradition I wish it shocked me, but I know you for a fool already.

        Patriot movement‎ holds that citizens can reject any government that violates the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The Declaration of Independence specifically states this political right! Dude you confuse this movement with fascist. Your just as ignorant as a stick.

        You copy/paste a index of movements opposed to the current government. Since when does opposition to the government became fascist?!

      77. Don’t be daft. Christians are just another Jewish sect. All part of the same crazy Abrahamic tradition from nomadic Arak tribes that also gave rise to Islam. Judaism, Christianity and Islam – all the same madness stemming from the same source.
        They are not just opposed to the government. The GOP are opposed to the government but they aren’t all fascists. These are ultraright-wing fascist groups that include white supremacists, antisemites and an array of Nazi groups – a complete bunch of obnoxious fascists hiding behind perverse nationalism and patriotism. They are the kind of people we fought a world war to eradicate. Strangely, they have more in common with your current government than anything else.

      78. Bunk. Xtianity and Islam far closer to one another they either religion to Judaism. Idiot. That’s just your broad brush attempting to hide that you are a natural blond air head.

      79. Bunk. Once again you expose your naked ignorance. The Gospels originally written in Greek NOT Hebrew or Aramaic. The NT just a foreign Greek/Roman counterfeit.

        Moshiach learns from the anointing of the House of Aaron. The NT fails to understand the basis of the Moshiach Torah commandment. LOL

      80. Jesus was a Jew. Never gave up being a Jew. Saw his own teachings as Jewish. None of the Gospels were written until well after his death and the death of all the disciples.

      81. Pathetic blond. You believe the Gospels fiction. JeZeus only a fictional imaginary man. All of the Gospels written long after the imaginary Apostles. Duh. Its called fictional propaganda.

      82. Gosh you don’t seem to know much about your own religion. Allow me to help:
        The origins of Judaism lie in the Bronze Age amidst polytheistic ancient Semitic religions, specifically evolving out of the polytheistic ancient Canaanite religion, then co-existing with Babylonian religion, and syncretizing elements of Babylonian belief into the worship of Yahweh as reflected in the early prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible.

        During the Iron Age I, the Israelite religion became distinct from the Canaanite polytheism out of which it evolved. This process began with the development of Yahwism, the monolatristic worship of Yahweh, one of the Canaanite gods, that gave acknowledgment to the existence of the other Canaanite gods, but suppressed their worship. Later, this monolatristic belief cemented into a strict monotheistic belief and worship of Yahweh alone, with the rejection of the existence of all other gods, whether Canaanite or foreign.

      83. I can’t remember living in a cave?? All the texts are medieval ramblings of little importance other than see the primitive thinking of uneducated people.

      84. Old Testament, silly blond that’s a new testament silly non sense. The T’NaCH you have never read, you know nothing about Jewish culture and customs. Silly blond.

      85. I regard all religion the same way – a bunch of medieval garbage from an ignorant bunch of semieducated peasants before the dawn of science and proper understanding. Some good bits though.

      86. What’s all this rubbish about blonds all of a sudden? A reference to a fabulous 1960s Bob Dylan album? Or the Welsh band?

      87. Is that your technique Moshe?? Sounds like you need a bit of sound sex education. I’m a biologist who taught sex ed. I can help!

      88. What is so good is to hear your erudite words on all matters. You elucidate with real intelligence and eloquence. Such a pleasure.

      89. You love to cloud your ignorance by writing in obtuse metaphors & personal opinions. Poor brain-dead idiot. You do not speak the language, never even visited the region, have no education in Middle East politics etc etc etc yet you pretend yourself an expert on the subject. You have no shame, the fool role that you behave.

      90. Oh I’ve visited the region a number of times and talked with both Jews and Palestinians. As always there are nutcases on both sides and compassionate, intelligent people too. Which are you Moshe?

      91. Keep on farting Moshe. Maybe one day well get some sense out of you. Your arse might make more intelligent remarks than the rest of you combined.

      92. You should read my posts if you think I say nothing. It is you who refuses to indulge in a coherent argument. It is always either cut and paste tracts from some medieval text written by uneducated nomads, or abusive nonsense.
        State your case rationally, with evidence and thought. Apply your intelligence.
        Abuse is the last refuge of the ignorant.

      93. [[[ It is you who refuses to indulge in a coherent argument.]]] Once again your opinion not supported with any evidence. Hence Bunk.

        [[[ It is always either cut and paste tracts from some medieval text written by uneducated nomads, or abusive nonsense.]]] Utter bunk. I publish research as responses to your brain dead, totally unsupported declarations and egotistical opinions.

      94. There is nothing wrong with opinion based on life’s experience Moshe. Discussion is about exchanging opinions not cutting and pasting other peoples’ garbage. All religious texts are bunk.

      95. Informed opinion is the basis of discussion. Facts on their own (if there is such a thing as a fact) are not an argument. Intelligent people, who are conversant with the facts, form views that they are prepared to argue about. Two people can look at the same facts and form vastly different views. You don’t seem to get this at all.

      96. Bunk. English 101 A thesis statement require specific qualifying particulars. Common law for example requires bring precedent similar Cases.

        Have no problem with you as an outsider, a non Jew who knows nothing whatsover of Jewish culture customs and traditions – obviously you see the country of Israel from a completely different perspective than does a citizen of Israel since 1991. Duh. But you attempt to lecture me with your dumb as opinions as if because they have expressed an opinion that this makes you opinion valid! Bunk.

        You’re a shallow superficial person who relies on shallow reactionary newspapers and MSM tv programs. Utterly pathetic.

      97. Complete rubbish Moshe. I have a well-informed knowledge about what is going on in Palestine. I keep up with the history and news. As an outsider I see things very clearly. Because my, and a lot of other, outside opinion, doesn’t conform to your narrow, extremely biased, view of events you think it’s wrong. It isn’t. You have put forward nothing but racism to back up your position – an arrogant stance that you’re entitled to the land because of some biblical edict and that Jews are superior to all others, Palestinians have no rights, no land and deserved to be kicked out.
        Sounds exactly what happened to the Jews themselves.
        Two wrongs don’t make a right and it is obvious that it will come back to bite you.
        The Palestinians are not inferior, are not without rights and do have some legitimate claims. As soon as those matters are resolved you can move to peace. Until then you are at war.

      98. Bunk. You without a doubt one of the most ignorant persons I have ever met on this subject. Narrow, extremely biased etc once again you fail to support your slander with examples of what i specifically have responded that you unilaterally dismiss.

        Its really ok if you like to masturbate your Ego ignorance. Your Nazi rhetoric of superior – utterly disgusting from people who supported the Shoah.

        Measure for Measure trumps your 2 wrongs don’t make a right bull shit. If a man rapes a woman putting that rapist to death = justice.

      99. No. The death penalty is always wrong. Far too many innocent people have been executed. That is what is happening in Iran right now. It is far better to lock someone up so that they have to live with their conscience, to provide counselling and work out why they resorted to rape or violence. Execution is a simplistic knee-jerk response that solves nothing. We have to be much more sophisticated than that. We’ve actually improved in two thousand years. We know a lot more. Science is far better than religion.
        Every behaviour has a reason.

      100. Bunk. Measure for measure. You kill you die. Another blanket statement out of your pie hole! Name a person tried for murder and executed?

      101. The idea that you simply assume yourself my equal on Jewish matters or on American GOP politics Wow what total arrogance! Only an absolute moron would make such a stupid assumption.

        Comparable to me assuming that my knowledge of Asia equalled your first-hand experiences of Asia!

      102. Bunk. More opinion confused as facts by you. The only paucity – the lack of any evidence which you fail to bring to support your slander.

      103. Rubbish Moshe. The evidence is all around you. Open your eyes. Get your head out of those old useless religious texts. Start looking at the reality of the situation.

      104. For heavens sake. Read some psychology. Read some history. Read some current affairs. Look at the Palestinian problem from their side. Get a more rounded picture. Then look for a solution.

      105. Another blanket statement. How many years have you worked with Arabs. How many Arab co-workers invited you to come to their weddings. You don’t even know how long a traditional Arab wedding lasts. Idiot.

      106. Bunk. You have never attended an Arab wedding. Weddings express a key aspect of a peoples customs and culture. You silly ignorant as a stick stupid dumb ass foreigner with pretensions of moral superiority.

      107. I don’t have to pretend Moshe. I did attend a Bali wedding, a Hindu wedding, a Catholic wedding, a buddhist and a protestant wedding and I had a humanist one with a pagan ceremony.

      108. Wrong subject. Arab like Jewish culture and traditions totally different than Hindu or Catholic or buddhist or protestant weddings. See where your blanket stupidity gets you.

      109. Blanket declarations “oppression & suppression” OK fat boy. How has Israel imposed “oppression & suppression” upon stateless Arab refugees?

      110. English 101 A thesis statement requires qualifying details. You and your blanket statements just assume the details. How utterly brain dead stupid.

      111. Nazism defines European racism. Europeans, like yourself, whose arrogance attempts to place their racist guilt upon Israel, besides cowardice, such behavior merits nothing other than complete and total contempt. Only a sub-human behaves in such a racist behavior.

      112. Hmmm. Sadly it appears that even the mainstream media of most of the world agrees with me. Netanyahu has put together the most extreme government ever – nationalist fascists and religious nutcases.

      113. Just added proof of your political ignorance. President Johnson started the illegal Vietnam war with his silly lie about an imaginary Gulf of Tonkin attack. Pathetic ignoramus.

      114. Most definitely. Have repeatedly pointed this error out yet your obtuse mind fails to grasp the rebuke of “making blanket declarations”.

      115. Where R all the key CNN personnel jabbered who jabbered like you during the Trump years? Where’s Rachel Maddow? Idiot you make them your role model. What a total loser.

      116. And now we’re seeing the Trump tax evasion, criminality and fascist connections in much more detail. They were right. He’s a criminal, corrupt conman.

      117. Another blanket declaration. Biden faces impeachment under a GOP lead Congress because he while serving as VP stored classified documents in his garage. Idiot.

      118. Pelosi falsely twice attempted to impeach Trump. Now a GOP Congress shall return the favor and impeach Biden. Moral stupidity spreads like peanut butter on a sandwich.

      119. I think so. Insanity a person repeats over and again failed responses in the hope of getting a different result. You love making general declarations but never bring any supporting evidence. For example you link the far right with fascism. You bring tiny cults to prove your slander. What a load of shit.

        That’s your MO. Only most of the time, the vast majority of the time you do not even bring any specific example to support your over the top wild stupid idiotic conclusions.

      120. Not really possible for Britain to terminate its illegal occupation of Northern Ireland. Why? Britain by your non-sense full of right-wing fascist or religious nutcases etc.

      121. It’s not an illegal occupation. It’s a democratic will. It will reunite when that is what the majority want to do that.

      122. The Topic of History and how to properly understand a Liberal Arts history education.
        The topic of history, believe it or not, in and of itself does not interest me as much as employing history to learn aggadic mussar. History in this context functions as a precedent to better understand the present day circumstances. The victory of assimilated Roman Statute Law, the result of the Rambam Civil War, highly interests me. The past dead, it can not change. But learning from the past to change how a person can perceive the present – a key idea of mussar according to Rav Nemuraskii my Rav, his memory a blessing.

        For example: The United Nations now seeks to condemn the Jewish State over Samaria/West Bank. The General Assembly, it seems to me, resembles Founding Fathers and their organization of Congress, with its Representatives of the different 50 States. Nothing more destructive to a people than – Civil War. Therefore, as a law of political science: First Law (Something like Isaac Asimov’s 3 basic laws of robotics. This fictional work beginning with I Robot written in 1942 profoundly impacted my psyche.), all government leaders: their Prime Directive (Star Trek), to prevent the outbreak of Civil War within their country.

        The Book of Maccabees tells the story of a Jewish Civil War, fought in conjunction with a revolt against the Syrian Greek empire. What war strategy did Judah Maccabee employ against the Syrian Greeks? Judah Maccabbee endeavored to promote Civil War within the Syrian Greek kingdom. This tactic served the cause of the Jewish revolt quite well. Later Jews would fight two disastrous revolts against Imperial Rome. The problems and most basic contradictions of the Book of Acts, caused me to reach the conclusion that the star: Apostle Paul, of that show served as an agent provocateur sent Rabban Gamaliel II, to undermine the influence of Xtianity among the Jews in Damascus, and promote a Monotheistic propaganda in Rome which likewise undermined the rule of Caesar as the son of God. The Book of Acts, mentions that Paul learned under Rabban Gamaliel – the Nasi of the Great Sanhedrin.

        My studies at Texas A&M made a focus upon the subject of Civil Wars throughout history. This my focus, studied the Russian Civil War fought out between the opposing leaders of Leon Troskii and Josef Stalin. Troskii developed a political theory known as the Continuous Revolution. Stalin developed a counter theory known as Communism in One Country. Troskii served in the role of Eisenhower in WWII, during the Civil War fought between the Reds and the Whites. Troskii an excellent general but a terrible politician. Stalin, mediocre at best as a military leader, but a virtuoso of sadistic Machiavellian diplomacy & politics.

        Important to remember that Italy like Germany did not unify into a nation till the late 19th Century. The Republics of Italy compare to the ancient Greek Republics or City States. These warring Italian ‘city states’, they first developed the idea of allied states sending ambassadors to other designated Italian city states. This Italian political innovation has profoundly influenced and shaped how present day nation states conduct foreign policy at an ambassadorial level.
        The Star Trek movie the Wrath of Kahn, Spok observed that Kahn limited his tactics to a 2 dimensional frame of reference. Kirk employed the Z dimension, got under and behind Kahn’s warship, and destroyed his enemy. The study of history for me compares to the depth tactics Kirk employed to defeat Kahn. My Russian history teacher at A&M, emphasized this very approach methodology of how to study history. This methodology, in Hebrew: sh’itta, directly influenced how I learned the Talmud and enabled me to break out of the statute law box, that had jailed Jewish Talmudic scholars for some 1000 years. Post the Rambam Civil War, all Jewish scholarship on the Talmud ceased to study the Talmud as common law.

        At Texas A&M, developed a political theory of revolutions which I call shattering the ethical containment force. Observed that the French, Russian, Nazi, and Iranian revolutions all share an identical common denominator/צד משותף in Hebrew. These revolutionaries did not just obliterate the government leadership, they equally obliterated the moral authority of the church. The Catholic church, replaced with the Church of Reason in France; atheism replaced the Greek Orthodox Church in Russia, the Nazis destroyed Parliamentary Democracy together with the Judao-Xtian traditions; the fall of the Shah of Iran came in conjunction with the rejection of modern Western European social cultures and customs.

        Another observation, the 2nd verse in Chapter One Genesis: all these societies exploded into chaos and anarchy. The collapse of one society quickly spread to other countries in the region. Troskii’s political theory known as the Permanent Revolution. The Arab Spring in our own times supports this political revolutionary theory. Civil War has spread from Lebanon, to Egypt, to Syria to Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya.

        Another observation, when a society collapses into chaos and anarchy (1:2 בראשית/Genesis), other countries jump into the conflict. Examples: the Napoleonic Wars, the Spanish civil war in the 1930s, to the Syrian civil war today. Other countries jump into the political chaotic collapse of a society like flies attracted to fresh cow manure. This depth analysis of history, serves to understand the interests of European states which promote the TWO STATE SOLUTION in the Israeli Arab/Balestinian\ local dispute, conducted in the UN General Assembly right now.

        Interesting that the current Biden Administration invests 100s of billions of dollars in the local Russian/Ukraine border dispute. Second Law: nations confronted with internal divisions and conflict prioritize foreign policy over domestic policy. From my perspective sitting in Israel, American society, highly volatile and unstable. News has degenerated into opinion piece attacks, together with irrational ad hominem denunciations and condemnations of political leaders & personalities. The slogan Let’s Go Brandon, serves as a direct example of the descent of American society into chaos and anarchy.

        This stream of consciousness style of writing compares to Jame Joyce and Virginia Woolf. The Talmud too employs this style of writing. Rav Nemuraskii spoke in Yiddish to describe it, as haltn glezl\holding cup. His ability to teach utterly amazes me to this day. When I first met Rav Nemuraskii, I spoke little Hebrew and virtually no Yiddish. He spoke no English at all. Yet within a few days I understood his instruction. Imagine that! Have never met any other teacher who can teach complicated ideas while speaking in a foreign language and yet the listener can understand!

        Rav Nemuraskii hands down a great Rav. He studied under Rabbi Shalom Eliashiev, the halachic posek/decider of Ashkenazi Jewry. A tradition in the Yeshiva world, the Chief Rabbi, in this case Rabbi Eliashiev, picks the best student to clean his shul before Shabbat. Rabbi Eliashiev had the whole of Jerusalem Yeshivot to choose from, and he chose me. Later, after getting married, erev Yom Kippur, when hundreds approached Rabbi Eliashiev for a brokah/blessing, I too approached the Rabbi. He stopped and requested that I give him a ברכה! Cleaned that shul every Yom Sheshee/ 6th day\ prior to getting married for 7 years. Rabbi Eliashiev’s two sons and myself would discuss questions on the Talmud which I introduced. Both sons danced at my wedding.

        The best student of Rabbi Eliashiv and I got into a Talmudic debate one day. I opened with a difficulty on the Baali Tosafot’s commentary on the Gemarah of Eruvin. The Gemarah: Rav Ashi, one of the final redactors of the Shas Bavli, in a debate between Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yose HaGelili. (The rule that whenever Rabbi Akiva – father of the פרדס Pardes logic system which explains the Oral Torah – debates with another lone rabbi, that the halacha follows the opinion of Rabbi Akiva.)

        Yet in this case Rav Ashi violated the general rule and ruled that the halacha follows the opinion of Rabbi Yose HaGelili. The grandchildren of Rashi – known as the Baali Tosafot – debated this contradiction and could not explain how Rav Ashi switched the halachic ruling in favor of Rabbi Yose HaGelili! This problem I publicly debated with the Top talmid of Rabbi Eliashiv.

        Rav Nemuraskii, who had studied the whole of the Shas Bavli with Rabbi Eliashiv 8 times, had taught me a trump card, not taught today in the Yeshiva world. The Yeshiva world, stuck in the box thinking of Roman statute law since the disaster of the Rambam Civil War. In Hebrew the term ירידות הדורות/descending generations describes the victory of Statute Law over Jewish Common Law. The interpretation placed upon this abstract term ירידות הדורות: domino effect. The Rambam’s statute law codification, it appears to me, produced a devastating ירידות הדורות. Rav Nemuraskii required that I learn the Aramaic Targum/translation of the Chumash/5 Books of the Written Torah known as Uziel. The Yeshiva world today does not study this Primary Source of Chumash Aggaditah.

        The fact that the Talmud splits on the axis Halachic and Aggaditic discussions. Would have to learn the whole of the Shas Bavli some 18 times before the realization hit me; the sages of the Talmud read the stories within the T’NaCH as aggadic mussar stories and NOT history stories. This concept of Aggadita views history as mussar applicable to the present-day situations of living, rather than past events. This sharp distinction of perspective, it separates the two opposing ways Man can view and understand the world.

        I answered the difficulty of Rav Ashi switching the halacha away from the opinion expressed by Rabbi Akiva to that of Rabbi Yosi, which the Baali Tosafot could not understand nor explain, by saying that the Baali Tosafot did not have access to the Targum Uziel. I showed that Rabbi Uziel, the top talmid of Hillel the Elder, that he too favored the halacha as expressed by Rabbi Yosi. Argued that Rav Ashi saw the Targum Uziel and therefore switched the halachic ruling in favor of Rabbi Yosi. Because this dispute between Rabbi Akiva and Rabbi Yosi also included Rabbi Uziel! Never again would the top talmid of Rabbi Eliashiv consent to debate me in front of the Shul again. A baali t’shuva kid from Texas had cleaned the floor of Rabbi Eliashiv’s shul.

        The proposed TWO STATE SOLUTION which the EU and UN seeks to ram down the throat of Israel. It ignores the required population transfer of some 1 million Jews from Samara. My moving company moved families out of Prime Minister Sharon’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza. This decision negated property legally acquired through contracts. It uprooted some 5000 families. And I watched in horror as the nation came to the verge of Civil War over this decision by Sharon and carried out by Olmert. Not the first time that Israel stood on the brink of Civil War. The murder/assassination of Rabin too took Israel to the brink of social chaos, anarchy and organized violence .

        The factorial difference between the forced withdrawal of 5000 families to that of 1000000 people, does it not strike you that not any Government Leader or any News organization across Europe, Russia, and the US, not even one, ever addresses the possibility of Israel falling into its own “Arab Spring“; consequent to the population transfer required to accomplish a 2-state solution. Never addressed the attempts by foreign powers, the least of which the UN General Assembly and ICC International court, that foreign states like France and Britain, can determine the borders and Capital City of the Jewish UN mandate protectorate?! Israel, the only “member” of the UN not recognized by the UN as a member state of the region of countries known as the Middle East. No other UN member excluded recognition as part of their region of nation states. The UN General Assembly passed the now infamous: Zionism is Racism. Yet the UN exclusion of Israel as a country of the Middle East, not a single ‘Great Power’/Security Council nation, all of which promotes the 2 state solution, denounces this travesty as racism?!

      123. Russia gate lost all wind in its sails after the Mueller Report. Idiots like yourself go from error to repeating the exact same error. Accusation does not equal proof any more than slander equals truth.

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