The Sixties and why they were so important!

Some thoughts.

Opher's World


The sixties was a watershed. Those young people born in the wake of the Second World War with all its death, austerity and destruction were brought up in a drab world of rationing, poverty and greyness.

Somehow they lost their respect for the older generation and their ‘wisdom’.

We were young, free and wanted something more out of life. We did not want more of the same.

Before the war the establishment controlled things. The class system was entrenched and everyone knew their place. Perhaps it was the TV that opened things up. Everyone could see how the other half lived. It was not fair or just.

Kerouac and the Beat generation had revealed a world of kicks, fun and meaning. It seemed a lot more appealing than the vision of a career, boredom, and cleaning the car in suburbia.

I looked at my old man who life was commuting…

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