A Close Encounter with a huge Komodo Dragon.

Friendly beast

Opher's World

Coming back from the waterhole I was feeling ecstatic. For a Biologist like me to encounter real Komodo Dragons in the wild was quite an experience.

We headed back to the beach. The tropical jungle seemed very fertile. All around us was the buzz of insects and call of unseen birds. We came across more wild pigs and deer. There seemed to be ample food for the dragons.

Back on the beach there were fishing boats. I went for a look around.

Our guide beckoned to us. A little cash exchanged hands. He took us along to his village.

We passed more deer. One mother seemed to be telling her baby to beware of dragons.

In the village, the kids were out playing. There in the middle of the village was a huge slumbering giant of a dragon.

He took us right up to it. So much for ferocious dragons…

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